No Love for RiRi: The 1 word that has Rihanna’s fragrance at the center of a new lawsuit

Rihanna is being sued by global beauty brand Kiss Nails alleging trademark infringement.

American Apparel clothes are all 40% off, retailer will soon shutter stores nationwide

A Canadian company is buying American Apparel in a bankruptcy auction — and closing down stores.

Why the Fine Brothers Are the Biggest Villains on the Internet Right Now

They built an empire. And now they're watching it burn.

Thanks to Taylor Swift, You Have to Ask Permission to Use These Five Phrases

For commercial purposes, these phrases belong to Swift.

Zynga Ludicrously Claims "Bang With Friends" Violates Its Copyrights

Zynga, maker of the Facebook Scrabble ripoff "Words With Friends," is now claiming another company's "Bang With Friends" app violates their copyright. This is not a successful business strategy.


Apple Tax Hearings: Carl Levin Turns Up The Heat on CEO Tim Cook Again

In one two-year span, Apple was able to make $35 billion in income disappear through the check-the-box loophole and avoid paying $12.5 billion in U.S. taxes, or $17 million a day.

Apple Senate Testimony: Questioning Attempts to Trip Up the Experts But Falls Flat

In one two-year span, Apple was able to make $35 billion in income disappear through the check-the-box loophole and avoid paying $12.5 billion in U.S. taxes, or $17 million a day.

Bowman v. Monsanto SCOTUS Case: The Death Of Copyrights and Patents?

As 3D printing technologies start to become the norm, how will corporations who have a lot at stake adapt and evolve?

Colin Kaepernick Super Bowl: Kaepernick's Move 'Kaepernicking' Is Now Trademarked

Kaepernick intends to use the trademark to make T-shirts, and some of the proceeds will go to CampTaylor, which organizes camps for children afflicted with congenital heart defects.

Anonymous Hacks MIT Over Reddit Co-Founder Aaron Swartz's Suicide

The hacktivist group attacked MIT servers on Sunday to post a memorial on behalf of the late internet activist and call for a "free and unfettered internet."

Kodak Patents to Be Bought by Apple and Google

The strange bedfellows are offering north of $500 million for some of Kodak’s 1,100 imaging patents.

Who Won the Presidential Debate: Romney Emerged Unscathed and in Position to Win the Electoral College

Romney emerged from the debate unscathed by Obama's assault, and it should be a good foundation for the remainder of the campaign.

Supreme Court Docket: Kirtsaeng v John Wiley and Sons Case May Prevent You From Selling Your Own Property

A pending Supreme Court case could have a major impact on your ability to sell the things you own.

Why Internet Piracy May Actually Benefit America

The pirating of online content is not a form of stealing, and is actually a great benefit to individuals' wallets and liberties.

Facebook Success Shows Why Intellectual Property Laws Are Stifling

Facebook is a shining example of why IP laws stifle the market and distort what constitutes real property ownership.

Dept of Justice Shutdown of Megaupload Shows Why SOPA and PIPA Should be Defeated

The DOJ's shutdown of the online file sharing website buttresses arguments that the SOPA and PIPA bills are superfluous and overreaching.

Internet Piracy is Not the Problem: It's Time To Eliminate Intellectual Property

Intellectual property harms consumers and stifles innovation, so let's get rid of it.

Patent Monopoly Hurts Innovation, Consumers

Mobile technology companies currently face a high level of uncertainty in the legal climate, and they are responding by increasing their demand for intellectual property protection.