Northern Irish police raided pro-choice activists' homes on International Women's Day

A Northern Irish politician told the Independent police raided activists' homes and workplaces for abortion pills.


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This Syrian artist took misogynistic 1950s ads and added sexist quotes from Donald Trump

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Don't turn me into a Snapchat filter when I die

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New York City's women spent International Women's Day on strike, in the street

"Today we stand with all women," the Women's March organizers told crowds on Wednesday.

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Anyone critiquing the women's strike on the grounds of women being "hysterical" can stay mad.

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Activists Linda Sarsour, Tamika Mallory arrested at NYC's A Day Without a Woman protest

Linda Sarsour and Tamika D. Mallory were arrested outside of the Trump International Hotel in Manhattan.

Powerful images of women showing up — and staying home — for #DayWithoutAWoman

Here's a glimpse at what A Day Without a Woman looks like across the country.

Janet Mock honors A Day Without a Woman by standing up for Planned Parenthood

The transgender activist is in solidarity with women who are fighting for "recognition, freedom, love and unequivocal access."

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Women's Strike NYC March Route: Here's the significance of the stops along the way

The International Women's Strike NYC March will include several stops at symbolic locations in the fight for civil rights.

This Ohio bookstore is shelving male-authored books backward to spotlight women

Loganberry Books is spotlighting female authors in honor of Women's History Month.

On International Women’s Day, women in restaurants lead a delicious resistance

A Day Without Women could easily mean a day without restaurants or bars.

Lindsay Lohan celebrates International Women's Day with a quote from Prophet Muhammad

Lindsay Lohan is quickly becoming a prominent voice battling Islamophobia.

International Women's Day on Snapchat: The app put makeup on Marie Curie

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What does A Day Without a Woman look like? Send us your photos!

Here are photos from readers like you.

These schools are closed because of the women's strike today

Several schools have seen such high rates of participation in the strike, they've been forced to close.

Maxine Waters posts pic of her and Coretta Scott King at first national women's conference

Rep. Maxine Waters has emerged as one of Donald Trump's most outspoken critics.

Why are people wearing red today?

For people who couldn't participate in the strike, wearing red is their sign of solidarity.

Participants in the 'Day without a Woman' are privileged. So what?

The March 8 women’s strike is about solidarity with those who can't afford to take a day off.

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Donald Trump has spurred women's activism, and the campaign for equal rights is kicking up again.

Donald Trump gets dragged for his sanitized International Women's Day tweets

His comments sounded nothing like the man who bragged about grabbing women "by the pussy."

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