How to find out which advertisers are targeting you on Twitter

There are 69 pages — yes, pages — of advertisers tracking me. How about you?

How to pick the right VPN to protect your internet privacy

Protect your privacy the right way.

5 ways to protect your internet privacy now that your information will be for sale

Here are the best ways to hide your online activity from a prying ISP.

3 secure messaging apps that will keep your texts safe from the NSA

Privacy is more important than ever.

Talking to strangers? This popular chat site is saving all your messages

Think before you type.

Jennifer Lawrence’s Reasons for Quitting the Internet Say More About Us Than About Her

Her decision speaks to a much larger problem.

This Tiny Box Will Let You Stay Anonymous on the Internet

A simple and elegant solution to a major technology problem.

There Might Be a Second Edward Snowden Out There

A new NSA leak raises more questions.

Canada Just Took a Huge Leap Forward in Protecting Internet Privacy

Our neighbors to the north are beating us to the punch.

SecureDrop is the Anonymous Whistleblowing System Journalists Have Been Waiting For

SecureDrop is here, and that's good for sources and journalists alike. The system makes the identity of sources completely unknown to everybody including the journalists receiving information.

Tor Can Protect You, But the Way it Works Leaves a Few Holes Open

A flurry of recent stories about the online anonymizing program Tor have questioned the reliability of the once-vaunted service. However, there's good and bad news for users.

Sudan Internet Shutdown: It's Not Just Sudan Screwing With the Web

The Sudanese government has shut down Internet access in light of recent protests. The problem is that Sudan is not alone in government Internet suppression. It just takes different forms.

Facebook Privacy: Why Zuckerberg Will Never Get it Right

Privacy groups are asking the FTC to block new policy changes. Facebook’s increasing pressure to monetize their 1+ billion users incentivizes them to continuously push boundaries on user privacy.

These Two Tech Startups Prove Privacy is a Thing of the Past

Moto X is a phone that know what you're doing at all times. New recycling bins in London can track and remember the people who walk by. Forget about privacy in today's tech universe.

Is the Government to Blame in Recent Malware Attacks?

New reports over the weekend suggest the FBI has been using malicious software to spy on some online networks, putting further into question the line between online privacy and safety.

Justin Carter: There's a Little Troll In All Of Us

The recent news of Justin Carter is another example of the potential gravity of our online posts. As the internet evolves, so too should the way we choose to communicate on it.

The NSA Spying Scandal is a Wake-Up Call — American Teens’ Privacy is at Severe Risk

Tech giants have been routinely collecting, storing, mining, and sharing this data for years. The consequences to kids and teens are especially troubling.

3 Steps You Can Take to Make Sure Technology Doesn't Ruin the Future

Our collective agency and potential to shape technology’s role in our society has never been greater, or more important! We better do it right so that tech can grow with us and not against us.

Strongbox Launch: How Aaron Swartz is Still Defending Your Internet Privacy

The late internet activist Aaron Swart's project with the New Yorker launched Wednesday. Strongbox lets users share information, messages, and files with writers and editors anonymously.

CISPA Bill 2013: Giving Up Liberty For Security, Now Online

Last week, the House of Representatives passed the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) amid concerns that the language of the bill does not do enough to protect privacy.

Anonymous Calls For Online Blackout to Protest CISPA

Opposition to CISPA, which would allow websites to release your private information to the U.S. government without your permission, has resurfaced, and this time, Anonymous is leading the fight.

Google Privacy Policy Under Scrutiny From Regulators

Google is taking some heat from European data protection agencies over its privacy policy.

Prop 35: Sex Offender Act Could Have Unforeseen Privacy Consequences

While some may cheer that Proposition 35 curbs the impunity of sex offenders on the web, many fail to consider the implications a law like this could have for non-sex offenders.

UK Communications Data Bill Would Destroy Internet Freedom and Lead Us On the Road to Totalitarianism

Internet privacy issues are debated in London’s Parliament as the British government review the Communications Data Bill Draft. They want to monitor whom you are talking to, when and where.

Unlike with SOPA and PIPA, Americans Will Not Protest Against Drones As an Invasion of Privacy

The use of drones will not cause a consciousness shift about the privacy protections in this country. Drones are not that unsettling, and they only impact a small number of people.


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