Republicans block Senate vote on bill to protect Mueller probe from Trump

Chris Coons, Cory Booker and Jeff Flake attempted to bring the legislation to a Senate vote Wednesday, but the measure was blocked by Mike Lee of Utah.

This Week in Trump-Russia News: Trump finally sends his answers to Mueller

Trump submits his written answers as the Mueller probe appears to near its end.

Senate Democrats file lawsuit to block Matthew Whitaker from serving as acting AG

This is the second such attempt to stop Whitaker from serving as Jeff Sessions' replacement any longer.

This Week in Trump-Russia News: Anticipation grows over Mueller’s next move

Trump ramps up his attacks on the special counsel as the investigation draws to a close.

Trump announces support for prison reform bill: “So important”

Trump called on the Senate to pass the First Step Act: "I'll be waiting with a pen."

DOJ upholds Trump selection of Whitaker as acting attorney general

Critics had argued that Whitaker cannot legally lead the Justice department because he was not approved by the Senate.

Ricardel could be on her way out as deputy national security adviser following Melania Trump dustup

Ricardel "no longer deserves the honor of serving in this White House," the first lady's office said Tuesday.

This Week in Trump-Russia News: Trump makes his biggest move yet in effort to undermine Mueller

Trump ousts Sessions and installs Whitaker in a dramatic shakeup that could hurt the Russia investigation.

“You ask a lot of stupid questions”: Trump won’t stop attacking black female journalists

Trump went after three black female journalists this week — all for the offense of asking him legitimate, relevant questions.

While You Weren’t Looking: 5 stories from the Trump administration that aren’t about the midterms

Here are five stories you might have missed this week.

Trump says he doesn’t know acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker as questions swirl

Trump distances himself from Whitaker amid criticism he is attempting to undercut the Mueller probe.

Meet Matthew Whitaker, the Mueller critic Trump picked to oversee the Russia probe

Trump named Whitaker acting attorney general after Jeff Sessions resigned.

Jeff Sessions resigns as attorney general at Trump’s request

Matthew Whitaker, a critic of the Mueller probe, has been named acting attorney general.

Feds warn against Russian interference as voters go to polls

The Trump administration has been criticized for not doing enough to secure future U.S. elections.

This Week in Trump-Russia News: Midterms may impact Mueller probe. But will Mueller impact midterms?

Democrats challenge Trump's "corruption," while the president casts the election as a battle for his presidency.

Trump is preparing sweeping changes to his Cabinet. Here’s who could be out after the midterms.

A number of Trump officials, including Ryan Zinke and Jeff Sessions, could be shown the door after Nov. 6.

This Week in Trump-Russia News: Behind the scenes, the Mueller probe presses on

The special counsel reportedly has new evidence involving Roger Stone.

This Week in Trump-Russia News: It may never matter what Robert Mueller finds

The special counsel is expected to release key conclusions in the Russia probe following November's midterms.

Kanye West talks Chicago with Trump, who has long used the city as an example of “American carnage”

West will meet with Trump a day after the president called for a controversial "stop-and-frisk" policy to be implemented to curb violence in Chicago.

Trump administration sues California over net neutrality law

The net neutrality law goes even further than the federal guidelines the FCC repealed in December 2017.

Noel Francisco could mean “big trouble” for Mueller probe if Trump fires Rosenstein

Noel Francisco, who has endorsed an expansive view of presidential power, could inherit the Russia probe if Trump terminates Rosenstein.

Rod Rosenstein to meet with Trump on Thursday, amid reports he’s exiting the administration

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein headed to the White House where he may be fired Monday, multiple news outlets are reporting.

This week in politics: Christine Blasey Ford testifies and Trump heads to the UN

Christine Blasey Ford has agreed to testify against Brett Kavanaugh this week, while Trump will address the United Nations during a four-day trip to New York.

This Week in Trump-Russia News: When will Trump fire Rod Rosenstein — or will he?

Rosenstein offered to wear a wire and discussed invoking the 25th Amendment to oust Trump, according to an explosive new report.

Sean Hannity to Trump: Don’t fire Rod Rosenstein

The Fox News pundit warned Trump that a report of Rosenstein seeking to oust him from office is a "setup."

Trump attacks Sessions again: “I’m very disappointed in Jeff”

Trump says that he "[doesn't] have an attorney general" in his latest broadside against Sessions.

“Get over it”: Sessions issues guidance to fight injunctions against Trump administration policy

Sessions is fighting back against "activist judges" that have blocked the Trump administration's policies.

This Week in Trump-Russia News: Even Trump doesn’t seem confident he can tell Mueller the truth

Trump is expressing concern that interviewing with the special counsel could be a "perjury trap."

Former Trump aide George Papadopoulos sentenced to 14 days in prison

The ex-foreign policy aide suggested in a court filing that Trump and Sessions approved of his outreach to Moscow.

“It’s a sham”: Democrats call foul as Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation gets off to wild start

Democrats decried the lack of transparency and raised concerns about Kavanaugh's record during an acrimonious opening day.