March 2, 2018

Who’s Sorry This Week? Keith Richards, Jennifer Lawrence and other celebrity apologies

These celebrities apologize for their behavior and will try to do better in the future. They appreciate you respecting their privacy at this time.

Feb. 21, 2018

Jennifer Lawrence speaks out about that Versace dress controversy: “This is not feminism”

"Everything you see me wear is my choice. And if I want to be cold that's my choice too!"
July 14, 2017

Why Quentin Tarantino’s Manson movie could hit a roadblock

Plot details for the movie have yet to be released, but this one thing needs to be addressed first.
July 11, 2017

Charlize Theron pushed herself for ‘Atomic Blonde.’ Here are 6 actresses who did the same.

These women went through more than emotional upheaval for the sake of their roles.
June 27, 2017

7 times women in Hollywood pushed back against the pressure to lose weight

They're not here to fit any sort of body standard.
April 4, 2017

4 years later, why do people still talk about hating Anne Hathaway?

Public dislike of Anne Hathaway has continued for years after her Oscar win.

Jan. 30, 2017

Oscars 2018 Predictions: Forget this year — what movies will win big next year?

Will 2018 be Woody Harrelson's year? Or Jessica Chastain's?
Jan. 25, 2017

Jennifer Lawrence called her leaked photos a sex crime — but it wasn’t sentenced like one

Jennifer Lawrence leaked photos: In revenge porn cases, the punishments still don't fit the crime.
Dec. 19, 2016

'Passengers' Cast and Plot: Who's in it and what's it about?

Some things you should know before seeing 'Passengers' this holiday.
Dec. 19, 2016

'Passengers' Trailer and Poster: You’re not getting the full story

The 'Passengers' trailers left out the stalking and manipulation.
Dec. 15, 2016

'Passengers' Reviews: Should you go see the new Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt movie?

The reviews are in and it's not looking good.

Dec. 8, 2016

Jennifer Lawrence laughed her way through a story about desecrating native land in Hawaii

Lawrence is in hot water over some sacred rocks.
Dec. 8, 2016

The best books to read right now to start 2017 off right

These books need to be on your 2017 reading lists.
Sept. 20, 2016
Sept. 13, 2016

8 Asian actresses to consider for Disney's live-action 'Mulan'

There are so many Asian actresses out there who need an opportunity.
Aug. 23, 2016

Here is Forbes' complete list of the highest-paid actresses in 2016

Here are the 10 highest-paid actresses.

June 2, 2016

Here's Why Brie Larson Shouldn't Do 'Captain Marvel'

Stay away from franchise hell, Brie!
May 19, 2016

We're All Masturbating to the Same Celebrities, Because Our Genitals Are Unimaginative

Seriously. Have none of us heard of online porn?
May 12, 2016

An Investigation Into Hollywood Sexism Could Change the Movie Industry Forever

It's time to address the film industry's issues with hiring women and paying them fairly.
May 10, 2016

Indie Band Yacht Reportedly Pretended to Leak a Sex Tape for Publicity

This is a horrible, horrible thing to do.

April 29, 2016

Jennifer Lawrence Insists That Her Sex Life Is Boring as Hell

"Sex? Someone explain to me what it is."
April 17, 2016

This Mockumentary Imagines the World Without Men — and Men Are Pissed

'No Men Beyond This Point' really touched a nerve.
April 7, 2016

Jennifer Lawrence Is Just as Baffled by People Who Hate on Feminism as You Are

"I don't know why that word is so scary to people."
March 31, 2016

Is 'Joy' a True Story? The Truth Behind David O. Russell Film, Starring Jennifer Lawrence

'Joy' was "inspired by the true stories of daring women," but might not be wholly inspired by Joy herself.
March 9, 2016

Jennifer Lawrence Has a Fitness Regimen We Can All Get Behind

"I feel like somebody like Kate Moss running at you with a bow and arrow wouldn't really be scary."

Feb. 22, 2016

What To Watch on Netflix After a Breakup That Won't Make You Hate Yourself

Forget about [insert awful person here]. You have Netflix. It'll never leave you.
Feb. 1, 2016

Why Haven't We Reached Peak Leonardo DiCaprio?

The peak may not even exist.
Jan. 11, 2016
Jan. 11, 2016

We Have Reached Peak Jennifer Lawrence

The Golden Globes were the final blow.