John Oliver went in on Dustin Hoffman over harassment allegations during a panel discussion

Oliver pressed Hoffman on the allegations against him and what he called Hoffman's "cop-out" response.

John Oliver calls on Congress to act after James Comey's abrupt firing

It's up to Congress to stop Trump, says Oliver.

John Oliver just explained the potential net neutrality changes in a way that makes sense

Oliver is calling for Americans to let the FCC know how they feel.

When is daylight saving time/day 2017? Here's what you need to know.

Say goodbye to that extra hour.

How John Oliver will be approaching Donald Trump and politics on ‘Last Week Tonight’ season four

"We were very anxious not make it all Trump, all the time, both on the level of interest and what the human soul can sustain."

John Oliver tries to hype 'Last Week Tonight,' ends up promoting everything else on HBO

The fourth season premieres Sunday, Feb. 12 at 11 p.m. Eastern.

New year quotes 2017: 6 inspiring and funny sayings to kick off the new year

Say goodbye to 2016 and hello to 2017 with these inspiring and funny quotes.

John Oliver says election of Donald Trump "not normal" in powerful season finale

John Oliver implores the U.S. to not allow Donald Trump's behavior or policies to become "normal."

John Oliver blames himself for Trump’s candidacy, urges people to go out and vote

John Oliver jokingly supported Trump’s candidacy and thought the Cubs would never win, so clearly he’s an idiot.

‘The Daily Show' imagines a dystopian Trump presidency where John Oliver gets arrested

This is genuinely funny — and terrifying.

John Oliver explains why racism and school segregation is very much alive in 2016

"The benefits of truly diverse schools are obvious."

John Oliver lambasted Big Pharma for helping create America's opioid problem

The drug companies, says Oliver, "helped put us in this fucking mess."

John Oliver weighs in on third-party candidates and why they don’t deserve your vote

Is the 2016 election the lesser of four evils with third-party candidates Jill Stein and Gary Johnson?

John Oliver destroys Donald Trump, Billy Bush and the GOP over leaked 2005 tape

Oliver, like many of us, wants this hellish election to be over.

John Oliver explains why US police brutality problem is more than a few "bad apples"

The "bad apples" analogy couldn't be more wrong with police accountability.

John Oliver returns to remind viewers that Trump's scandals are worse than Clinton's

Raisins in a cookie, apparently, is the best analogy for who should be president.

John Oliver suggests Trump should drop out of the race, "conning America to help America"

"Please, prove me wrong and reveal yourself to be a three-bit bullshit artist, conning America to help America."

John Oliver Can’t Help but Enjoy Watching Donald Trump’s Campaign Collapse

"Yes, sarcasm is a bullshit excuse. It’s the douche bag’s apology."

John Oliver's Spotlight on Print Journalism Shows a Digital-First Future With Clickbait

Is the future of journalism cats that look like raccoons? We hope not.

Usher, Imagine Dragons Join John Oliver to Tell Politicians: "Don't Use Our Songs"

"And just to be clearer, you can't use this song either."


John Oliver Delivers a Powerful Cold Open Honoring the Orlando Club Shooting Victims

Oliver reminded us, quite plainly, that this "terrorist dipshit is vastly outnumbered."

John Oliver Forgives Nearly $15 Million Worth of Medical Debt in Texas

Watch all the magic happen here.

John Oliver Calls Donald Trump’s Bluff, Invites Publicist "John Miller" For an Interview

"Please come on by, John Miller, there’s literally nothing stopping you other than the fact you obviously don’t exist."

John Oliver Details Why So Many Scientific Studies Are “Bullshit”

Based on the scientific studies we see on TV, coffee has a lot in common with God in the Old Testament.

John Oliver Takes on Philippine Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, the "Trump of the East"

Let's hope Duterte doesn't make an official state visit to meet with ... President Trump.

Cicadas Were Gone For 17 Years, So John Oliver Had to Get Them Up to Speed On Everything

"The lead singer of R&B group Destiny’s Child is essentially our queen now."

John Oliver Uses 'Sesame Street' to Explain the Irreparable Damage of Lead Poisoning

“It’s one of those things so dangerous you shouldn’t even let a little bit of it inside you — much like heroin or Jeremy Piven."

John Oliver Explains the Tortuous Way in Which Congress Members Raise Money

"That's more than it costs to buy 230 million tubes of hemorrhoidal cooling gel, and it's somehow even more upsetting."

John Oliver Blasts Donald Trump on His Horrendous Nuclear Weapons Policies

Unsurprisingly, Trump's knowledge of nuclear weapons is dangerously ignorant.