Hype Daily: Laverne Cox responds to Trump’s anti-trans memo and more entertainment news

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Stop making every trans person in the media an activist. Some of us just want to exist.

Wanting to be affirmed or respected or successful doesn’t automatically make you an activist — it just makes you a person.

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All hail these two queens, tbqh.

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Laverne Cox speaks out against Trump's rollback of protections for transgender students

"These laws are in part about bathrooms, but they are really about whether we want trans people to exist in public space."

Laverne Cox's 'Doubt' character came from unexpected inspiration: The creators' trans son

"We think people are going to love Cam. And once they get to know her, her being trans won’t be scary or alienating."

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Her plastic surgeon is Snapchat.


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Laverne Cox Calls for Transgender People to Be Counted Differently in Census Reporting

"Visibility is only part of the equation."

Janet Mock Shares How She Stays Sane and Gets Stuff Done

"I don't have to do it all."

Why Trans People Can Shake Up How We See Beauty

"Yes, Caitlyn looks amazing and is beautiful, but what I think is most beautiful about her is her heart and soul."

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Laverne Cox On The Group Even More Stigmatized Than Trans Women

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Caitlyn Jenner Just Sent Laverne Cox a Beautiful Message of Thanks and Hope

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