“You ask a lot of stupid questions”: Trump won’t stop attacking black female journalists

Trump went after three black female journalists this week — all for the offense of asking him legitimate, relevant questions.

Oprah, Will Ferrell, LeBron James: These celebs are really getting out the vote for Nov. 6

Here are some of the stars who have been putting their famous faces to work to get Americans to the polls.

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Will Eric Reid kneel during the national anthem at his first game with the Carolina Panthers?

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Sales on the web jumped nearly 31% in a single weekend.

I spent an evening with Diamond and Silk and their pro-Donald Trump fans. Here’s what I learned.

Many Trump supporters hate being called racists. And they'll pay handsomely if you tell them they're not.

Meet Kimberly Goldson, one of the black women who designed LeBron James’ new Nike sneaker

"What I love about this moment is that we get to be the inspiration that tells young African-American women, boys and girls that something like this is possible,"

Trump touts record with minorities after Omarosa criticism, ahead of Charlottesville anniversary

Trump is making a push to show he's the president of "ALL Americans."

Trump tries to shift conversation back to his culture war against black athletes

Facing mounting pressure over the Russia investigation, Trump tried to pivot back to his crusade against the NFL.

Hype Daily: “Hey There Delilah” on TV, LeBron’s new show and more

Plus Sarah Palin and 'Who Is America?'

Trump goes after LeBron James in latest round of attacks on black athletes

The president's latest outburst comes after King James criticized him for using sports to "divide us."

Obama and LeBron had 4 of Twitter’s 9 most re-tweeted tweets of 2017. Guess who didn’t have any?

None of Trump's tweets about the fake news or crooked Hillary were among Twitter's most retweeted tweets of 2017.

For Donald Trump, sports are a reflection of himself — and a weapon in his culture war

He's used sports to line his pockets. He's used them to exploit societal divisions. He's also been dunked on.

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Save money without alienating your friends or coming across as a cheapskate: These simple financial moves will help — even if you are living paycheck to paycheck.

Will the NBA kneel?

The NBA regular season starts tonight, and the league has made clear that it expects players to stand during the national anthem.

The NFL protests were never about unity. That’s actually a good thing.

Americans don't need Donald Trump to prove they are divided over race. But in a protest for racial equality, picking sides is good.

Lebron James defends rival Steph Curry, calls Donald Trump a “bum”

The Cleveland Cavaliers superstar dunks on Trump for rescinding Steph Curry's White House invitation — which he never extended in the first place.

‘NBA 2K18’ Player Ratings: 5 players who could be rated higher than Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant has the highest 'NBA 2K18' rating for now, but there will be contenders for the top spot.

Emmys 2017: ‘The Leftovers’ got snubbed again, and it’s blasphemy

'Game of Thrones' left a huge vacuum in the drama race, and somehow one of the best dramas of the past decade was snubbed — again.

LeBron James has a mixed record of being outspoken on racial issues

James spoke out about racist vandalism at his Los Angeles home. But activists remember when he's come up short on racial issues.


What LaVar Ball can teach America about black fatherhood

Lonzo Ball is a star at UCLA and his father, LaVar, is in complete control.

LeBron James wore a safety pin on the cover of 'Sports Illustrated'

LeBron wore a pointed accessory on the magazine's cover.

Jesse Williams, The Game And Other Celebrities Gather to Discuss Race Relations in America

Over 100 black celebrities and change agents held a meeting last night on race relations.

At the 2016 ESPYs, Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James and Others Take a Stand for Black Lives

Some of the NBA's biggest names spoke out, the way that black athletes did decades ago.

RNC in Cleveland to Kick Off By Removing Banner Of City's Most Famous Black Man

As if Donald Trump hasn't already made it perfectly clear how he feels about minorities.