‘Mic Dispatch’ episode 15: John Legend; out football players (full transcript)

Jake Horowitz speaks with award-winning musician John Legend about criminal justice reform, and Evan Ross Katz interviews former football players like Wade Davis to discuss being out as an athlete.


‘Mic Dispatch’: John Legend on criminal justice reform; Wade Davis on the NFL and LGBTQ issues

In this edition of 'Mic Dispatch,' we talk with John Legend about unemployment among formerly incarcerated people and with Wade Davis about the lack of out gay players in the NFL.

Department of Labor issues “religious liberty” directive in wake of Masterpiece Cakeshop ruling

The directive is being criticized as a way for federal contractors to legally discriminate against LGBTQ workers and non-Christians.

The State Department has quietly updated its language on gender markers for passports

It's a move that advocates for the transgender community say is confusing and frightening.

The Masterpiece Cakeshop owner is suing for discrimination again — this time over a trans woman

The new suit alleges that the Colorado Civil Rights Commission “will not rest until Phillips either closes Masterpiece Cakeshop or agrees to violate his religious beliefs.”

Here are the 10 best looks from episode 7 of ‘Pose,’ including a fringe bikini and alien fantasies

The club kid-inspired "intergalactic best dressed bizarre" moment offered an opportunity for 'Pose' to deliver truly out-of-this-world looks.


House Appropriations Committee votes to allow anti-LGBTQ discrimination in adoption and foster care

Allowing faith-based adoption and foster care agencies to discriminate against same-sex and non-Christian couples could have a detrimental effect on adoption rates.

Mic Daily: Russian intelligence indicted, Scarlett Johansson drops out of ‘Rub & Tug’ and more

Mic Daily brings you a cross section of our most vital stories of the day.

Scarlett Johansson drops out of ‘Rub & Tug’ amid backlash for playing a trans man

Johansson's initial response shrugged off criticism entirely — but the backlash was too loud to ignore.

A sneak peek at EuroPride 2018 — held in 2 cities for the first time ever

Stockholm, an established queer haven, and Gothenburg, a city working to shed its anti-LGBTQ reputation, will host the annual festival.

Who’s Sorry This Week? President Donald Trump, Chelsea Handler and other public apologies

These celebrities and public figures apologize for their behavior and will try to do better in the future. They appreciate you respecting their privacy at this time.

Inside MeMe’s Diner, the New York restaurant that’s become a gathering spot for queer people

MeMe’s Diner is New York’s queer-owned and alcohol-optional space for LGBTQ communities.

Hong Kong now grants visas to same-sex expat couples — but doesn’t recognize same-sex marriage

Hong Kong's top court ruled that the same-sex spouses of working expats will now be able to get a visa to live in the semiautonomous city.

Stories that pay off: 46% of LGBTQ employees are not out at work. One out leader could change that.

This week, we take a look at a leader who wants to support LGBTQ employees, the benefits of Summer Fridays, the ways brands trick you into buying products and how online shopping may change forever.

This week in food and travel: A first look at the new Toy Story Land at Disney World

Toy Story Land opens at Disney World, experts weigh in on celeb-endorsed lollipops and detox tea, and more.

Nearly half of LGBTQ employees are not out at work. One out leader hopes to change that from within.

More than 30% of LGBTQ individuals surveyed reported feeling depressed or unhappy at work.

Confessions of a waiter: Homophobia shouldn’t stop you from tipping properly

We've all seen those viral restaurant receipts where a bigoted customer decides they don't want to tip because they think their server is queer.

Mic Daily: Democrat introduces bill to abolish ICE, the academy invites new members and more

Every day, 'Mic' brings you important stories from around the world that fuel conversation.

The average black trans woman doesn’t live beyond 35. On my 34th birthday, I’m celebrating them too.

Our lives are being cut short at alarming rates.

This is the future of LGBTQ travel

We asked a panel of LGBTQ travel experts to envision what travel looks like in 2030, from inclusive beach getaways to international escapes.

Why a gay bar denied entry to a blind queer person — and how to improve spaces for disabled people

Even the most progressive spaces can sometimes still have trouble with inclusivity.

The best episode of ‘Queer Eye’ season 2 features a first for the Netflix series: a transgender man

Get your box of tissues ready: This one's a tearjerker.

A same-sex kiss is one of the most talked about moments at the biggest video game show of the year

Good news: 'The Last of Us Part II' is gay as heck.

Stories that pay off: 4 ways to improve diversity in the workplace

From ageism in the hiring process to the lack of out gay CEOs, corporate America still has a long way to go in terms of inclusivity.

LGBTQ equality in corporate America: Where are all the queer CEOs?

The age of marriage equality has pressured companies to become more inclusive, but leadership is still often dominated by straight white men.

Arizona court rules against same-sex wedding invitation discrimination days after SCOTUS ruling

The Arizona court applied Monday's Supreme Court decision — but still ruled in favor of Phoenix's anti-discrimination ordinance.

This week in food and travel: Remembering Anthony Bourdain

Every industry has its challenges, but this week we’ve been reminded of how difficult the food world can be, for both everyday restaurant workers and well-known figures.

Meet 10 black transgender figures from history who are models for resilience

The 10 black transgender figures listed below are a reminder that despite the circumstances, we can and will overcome adversity as a people.

‘Throwback ThursDate’: Dating while bisexual

“There [are] a lot of misconceptions about people who are bi.”

The 17 biggest money lessons of 2017 to end up richer and wiser — and ready for 2018

As 2017 turns into 2018, here are the most important financial and career lessons of the last year to take with you into a smarter, richer, happier, better future.