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Smoking Only Has One Benefit — and Even That May Not Be Real

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'Devious Maids' TV Show Review: It Isn't Offensive — Pure and Simple

Is it just me or are we being asked to hate Eva Longoria's show "Devious Maids" because of its supposed Latina stereotypes? I hope she brushes off the unwarranted criticism and keeps on fighting.

'Mad Men' Season 6 Finale: Dick Whitman Returns, Don Draper is Out

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Pete Campbell is the Future Whether You Like It Or Not

The "Mad Men" episode, "Tale Of Two Cities" will be looked back on as the beginning of the rise of Pete Campbell. Finally, he is a man stepping into his skin and we would be wise to watch.

'Mad Men' Doesn't Have a Race Problem

Plenty of critics have pointed out that the show fails to engage with the racial tension of the 1960s, but are TV shows really responsible for rectifying past sins for current audiences?