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Protesters reportedly arrested near NYC's Stonewall Inn, Pride March endpoint

The reason for the arrests were not immediately known.

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Comey was attending a charity event to benefit foster children at another company.

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Trump plan would hike taxes by billions in his hometown, New York's top financial watchdog says

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Artist seeking to "downgrade" feminist statue says it's not about feminism

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Man who plowed car into crowded Times Square sidewalk charged with murder

The suspect also faces 20 counts of attempted murder and five counts of aggravated vehicular homicide.

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Authorities investigating massive fire at historic New York City synagogue

Beth Hamedrash Hagodol Synagogue is considered a city landmark.

Vandals take chainsaws to trees at Donald Trump's Bronx golf course

The motivation behind the vandalism was unclear, but a maintenance crew chased off the men after they cut down four trees.

Trump is heading to Jersey instead of New York this weekend because he cares about America

Trump will avoid causing a "big disruption" in New York by causing one at his property in New Jersey instead.

White man beats Asian victim in New York City while shouting "We are white power"

Steven Zatorski has been charged with assault as a hate crime.

San Diego and Kentucky attacks show the hypocrisy of how the media covers white assailants

When it comes to violent crimes perpetrated by Muslim or Arab attackers, the media scrutinizes every detail.

NYC Mayor: Federal budget gives New York "what we are owed" to protect Trump

It's not cheap being the president's home town.

Community comes together to raise money for Brooklyn Broadway Islamic Center fire damage

The NYPD and CAIR-NY believe the fire on Saturday was not part of a hate-motivated crime.