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Although the return of manufacturing to the mainland will produce benefits for the country as a whole, it is important to ensure the sustainability of the process both for the economy and workers


Bangladesh Building Collapse: Factory Worker Forced to Give Birth While Trapped Under the Rubble

As if the story about a collapse of a factory in Bangladesh that killed 350 couldn't get more horrifying, one of the injured gave birth under the rubble.

Why the U.S. Will Soon See a Jobs Boom — and Why This is Great For Millennials

This wave of innovation in manufacturing may not be the sole answer to the economic slump in the United States, but it can create and retain more jobs here, which is a start.

Walmart May Be Partly to Blame For Bangladesh Fire That Killed 100

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Apple CEO Tim Cook Uses Publicity Stunt to Smooth Over Chinese Factory Labor Controversy

Labor controversy is a pattern with companies that manufacture abroad — Apple is simply the latest. This is likely a publicity stunt to ensure that Apple has a good public image.

China is Not Responsible for the Decline of U.S. Manufacturing

When China sells goods at lower than market price, it is to the benefit of U.S. manufacturers, retailers, and consumers.