Hype List: What to check out this week, including Kelly Clarkson, ‘Stranger Things,’ Nikki Giovanni

Welcome to our weekly recommendations column, in which we highlight all of the pop culture you need to know about.

Stupid Sexy Flanders: One of the greatest ‘Simpsons’ jokes is a video game meme in its own right

From 'Pokémon' to 'Overwatch,' Stupid Sexy Flanders is the meme that keeps on giving.

‘Super Mario Odyssey’ gameplay: Gamescom Nintendo streams also include ‘Metroid: Samus Returns’

Nintendo fans will get another look at 'Super Mario Odyssey' later this month.

‘Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle’: How Ubisoft convinced Nintendo to make the bizarre mashup

It took several stressful meetings in Japan to convince Nintendo to make this strange tactics game.

EVO 2017 Stream Schedule: ‘Smash 4’ finale will broadcast on Disney’s DIXP channel

Professional gaming is hitting the mainstream, thanks to EVO and Disney.

‘Game of Thrones’ fans: Never forget Arya Stark played ‘Super Mario’ on NES with a bunch of teens

A girl plays NES — watch Arya Stark struggle to boot up the classic Nintendo console.

‘Splatoon 2’ vs. ‘Splatoon’ Graphics Comparison: See how much better the sequel looks side-by-side

Think 'Splatoon 2' is just a port of the original? Think again.

‘Super Mario Odyssey’ Release Date: No lives or game overs in the series’ Nintendo Switch debut

'Super Mario Odyssey' is getting rid of a longtime series staple.

Nintendo Sales: The Switch and 3DS own the charts for the first half of 2017 in Japan

Nintendo dominates the Japanese gaming charts for the first half of 2017.

'Monopoly Gamer Edition': Nintendo's Super Mario puts a new twist on the classic board game

This version of Monopoly was definitely created for the gamer crowd.

'Rick and Morty' 'Rocket League': Characters get cameos in multiple video games for Season 3

Wubba lubba dub dub! Get your 'Rick and Morty' on in 'Rocket League' soon!

8 Kirbys dancing in unison in 'Super Smash Bros.' is the best thing you'll watch all week

Kirby is coming to the Nintendo Switch in an untitled new game in 2018, but for now you can get your fix of the lovable pink blob thanks to an incredible video currently making the rounds on Twitter.

Nintendo 64 Classic Edition: What games could be on a N64 Mini?

A Nintendo 64 Classic Edition has the potential to bring back some iconic games in an adorable package.

Migos 'Crash Bandicoot' Chain: 5 times rappers have repped classic video games

Quavo's 'Crash Bandicoot' chain is the latest in a long-running trend. Leave it to hip-hop to bring the achievement trophy to entirely new levels of awesome.

SNES Classic Edition Games List: Console, controllers, preorder and everything we know so far

It's official. The SNES Classic is coming this year.

Nintendo 64 21st Anniversary: Celebrating Nintendo's 5th-generation console on its birthday

The Nintendo 64 is turning 21, and we're giving it some love for its big day.

E3 2017 press conferences were a contrast between heart and cash

There was a deep divide that we couldn't help but notice at E3 2017: the war between the genuine fan and the garish influencer.

'Super Mario Bros.' is reimagined in augmented reality with Microsoft's Hololens

A 2-D game in 3-D space using augmented reality is weirdly amazing.

'Call of Duty: WW2' Multiplayer Gameplay: Big changes highlighted at E3 2017 preview

It's like 'Destiny' in the European Theatre.

I fought Bowser in ‘Arms’ on Nintendo Switch at E3 2017 — and won

Trading punches with Nintendo's very own (Doug) Bowser

The new 'Yoshi' game for Switch appears to be Nintendo's answer to 'LittleBigPlanet'

And somehow, it manages to look even more adorable.

Kratos from 'God of War,' the King of Hyrule and the other worst dads in video game history

Gaming has an abundance of terrible dads from 'God of War' anti-hero Kratos to Nintendo's Bowser. Here's a roundup of the worst offenders for your booing and jeering pleasure.

Nintendo E3 Day 3: Livestream details and what to expect from the final day of the 2017 show

Nintendo is doing some more streaming today. Here is how to watch it.

'Super Mario Odyssey' Multiplayer: Nintendo teases local co-op gameplay mode at E3 2017

Here's everything we know about 'Super Mario Odyssey' multiplayer gameplay.

Mayor Pauline 'Donkey Kong': New Donk City's leader in 'Super Mario Odyssey' is a returning guest

Pauline, the mayor of New Donk City, has deep ties to the history of Nintendo.

'Super Mario Odyssey' E3 2017: 17 weird things Mario can possess with his hat during gameplay

If New Donk City hasn't introduced legislation on the ethics of body snatching, it better get to work.