Pro-Trump media tries out various defenses of Donald Trump Jr.’s Russia emails

Right-wing media outlets struggled to coalesce around a unifying counter-narrative.


CJR media reporter David Uberti to join Fusion, which is rebranding as Splinter

Uberti will join the site a week before it rebrands from Fusion to Splinter.

After CNN, the far right is declaring open season on journalists

On 4Chan, the online alt-right is answering the call to make journalists' lives hell.

‘Overwatch’ Doomfist: Blizzard releases villain’s real name in new blog post

We just learned a lot more about the mysterious villain Doomfist.

Donald Trump defends social media use on Twitter, tweets clip of himself beating up "CNN"

Trump defended his tweets as "modern day presidential" before posting a video of him tackling "CNN" to the ground.

Trump slams Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough again in early morning Twitter rant

This time he called the 'Morning Joe' co-host "dumb as a rock."

Trump is already using James O'Keefe's CNN sting video to raise money for 2020

He also helped fund the group that made the video.

'Surpassing Certainty': Janet Mock talks race, transgender rights and her new memoir

The writer's newest book speaks to her journey of learning to love herself.

CNN's fake photo from the Paris attacks demonstrates the need for readers to be wary

One of the network's Twitter accounts used a photo of a black man's arrest in London to illustrate news from Paris

Bernie Sanders is quietly building one of the most powerful progressive media outfits in America

The former presidential candidate looks to online media companies to inspire how he can best communicate his message.

'Daily Mail', other media outlets criticized for victim-blaming Muslims for Finsbury Park attack

The mosque won a prestigious national award for its efforts in combatting religious extremism.

JPMorgan Chase pulls NBC ads over Megyn Kelly's Alex Jones interview

"As an advertiser, I'm repulsed," JPMorgan Chase chief marketing officer Kristin Lemkau tweeted earlier in the day.

In pro-Trump media, villain Comey vindicated Trump

Many of those stories followed official RNC talking points that had been distributed to lawmakers before the hearing even began.

Science confirms: Plus-size representation helps improve women's psychological health

When viewing images of plus-size models, women tended to not compare themselves as much.

Is Bill Cosby's trial televised? Here's why you can't watch the court proceedings live.

The high-profile trial won't be televised — or even live-tweeted.


'Ebony' magazine is under fire for not paying its freelancers

Some have accused the iconic magazine for blocking them on Twitter after they complained about being stiffed.

'Fusion' promises to defend journalist sued by pro-Trump reporter

Cassandra Fairbanks is seeking at least $100,000 in damages and a public apology from a reporter.

Sean Hannity promises to "not stop investigating" Seth Rich conspiracy

The Fox News host said he would continue looking into the debunked conspiracy theory.

Here's a running list of advertisers who have abandoned Sean Hannity's Fox News show

Companies are responding to calls for a boycott after Hannity pushed a discredited conspiracy theory.

Advertisers are starting to pull their ads from Sean Hannity's Fox News show

Hannity is under fire for promulgating a conspiratorial — and now retracted — Fox News story.

Facebook will pay you $10,000 to $35,000 to come up with your dream video show

Want to create your own streaming show? Facebook will hand over money for great ideas.

'Injustice 2' Harley Quinn Combos: Here's how you can kick butt with a literal bat

Learn to play operation with Dr. Harley Quinn and her horrifying combo moves in 'Injustice 2.'

Trump told Comey to consider jailing journalists. Here's why that's troubling.

Trump and Erdogan seem to have something in common.

Press associations are pushing back after Donald Trump's Twitter threats

Sincere or bluffing, reporting organizations are taking Trump's threat seriously.

FTC slaps 45 Instagram influencers with warnings over mislabeled #ad posts

It is with a heavy heart that I must announce that the celebs are at it again.

What does "Blotus" mean? Stephen Colbert roasts Trump for 'Face the Nation' comments

The comedian claps back at Trump for his comments on 'Face the Nation.'

CNN refuses to air Donald Trump campaign ad calling the media "fake news"

CNN says its not in the business of airing false advertising.

Mic adds three veterans of Breaking News, Spin & Politico to newsroom in news, entertainment & media

Stephanie Clary, Kyle McGovern and Kelsey Sutton will help expand news, entertainment and media coverage.

More than a third of Republicans believe that press freedom is a bad thing

More than a third of Republicans believe the free press "does more harm than good."