'Daily Caller' reporter Kaitlan Collins to join CNN

Her first day will be Monday.


Sean Hannity promises to "not stop investigating" Seth Rich conspiracy

The Fox News host said he would continue looking into the debunked conspiracy theory.

Advertisers are starting to pull their ads from Sean Hannity's Fox News show

Hannity is under fire for promulgating a conspiratorial — and now retracted — Fox News story.

Men are dominating the conversation about abortion on cable news

A new study shows men are not only talking about abortion most — they're spreading inaccurate information about it.

O'Reilly replacement Tucker Carlson once bragged about beating up a gay man

Carlson said he can't go to some public bathrooms anymore because of gay men having sex.

Watch How Fox News Really Talks About Black America

This is what happens with a predominately white media.

Notice Anything Sneaky About Fox News' Coverage of Climate Change?

Fox News has been deceptive when it comes to global warming stories ...

McAuliffe Pulls Ahead in Virginia — Curtains For Cuccinelli?

This might seal the deal for Ken Cuccinelli's gubernatorial campaign.


This Bogus Graph is What Fox News Wants You to Believe About Poor People

Fox News has a history of misleading viewers and raising class tension with dishonest graphs. Their most recent chart is a direct attack in their war on the working class.

The Fox News Clip That Will Outrage Anyone Who Thinks Transphobia Is Wrong

Just when you thought Fox News could not get any worse, they went the extra mile to be as offensive as possible to anyone who is transgender, including Chelsea Manning.

Fox News Doubles Down On Crusade Against Reza Aslan

Fox News is under the delusion that asking an academic the same question over and over again is good journalism. In this case, they ask: why would a Muslim write a book about Jesus?

Why Fox News is Absolutely Destroying All the Cable Networks in the Ratings

The Fox News Channel continues to be the dominant cable news network. Does this mean Americans think that Fox is a more “fair and balanced” network?

Megyn Kelly: Fox News' Female Hosts Smack Down Sexist Coworkers

Fox News contributors try to justify that men need to dominate women because of "nature." Megyn Kelly and Greta Van Susteren don't think so.


Erick Erickson: Fox News Contributor Fears Rise in Female Breadwinners

A new study shows that 40% of households boast a woman as the breadwinner. So, Fox News came to the only viable conclusion: the dissolution of American society and human nature.

Jana Winter: Fox News Reporter Faces Jail Times For Refusing to Reveal Sources

CNN journalist Jim Spellman and the Daily Caller called out anti-Fox News media bias, as Fox reporter Jana Winter faces jail time for her reporting in the trial of James Holmes.

Fox News Lies and Gaffes: The 5 Biggest Blunders of 2012

Although there were many to choose from, here are the top five Foc News blunders of 2012

In Light of Media Matters' Attack, Fox News Must Clean Up its Act and Become More Fair and Balanced

Liberal media watchdog group Media Matters was right to go after Fox News starting in 2004 for its unfair and unbalanced reporting.

How Could Fox News Win the War Against Media Matters?

Media Matters' campaign against Fox is coming to a conclusion with the publication of David Brock's new book, "The Fox Effect." How can Fox fight back?

Stewart's Fox Interview: Media Sensationalism in a Sound Bite

Beneath the headlines about Jon Stewart's interview on "Fox News Sunday" lies the debate about the media's troubling tendency toward sensationalism.