Halloween costume ideas 2017: 50 quick, easy last-minute DIYs under $50 — for guys, girls & everyone

Last-minute Halloween costume ideas for your 2017 celebration in short supply? Luckily, you can save money with a few clever, easy concepts you can DIY with home supplies.

How establishment Democrats turned the #Resistance into a punchline

It's become "a joke about the hollowness of liberal politics," @pixelatedboat said. Liberals "will happily side with people who are just as bad or worse than Trump, but more polite about it.”

This meme is how it ought to be, despite what your gender studies professor says

This right-wing tweet about gender roles in the midst of Tropical Storm Harvey backfired — and became a huge meme.

The “Fellas, Is It Gay” meme brilliantly skewers our “no homo” culture

The emerging “Fellas, Is It Gay” meme is a hilarious send-up of our culture’s toxic masculinity and underlying homophobia.

Meet Nikki V., the “Right in Front of My Salad?” meme’s breakout star

She never got to finish her salad. And she isn't happy about it.

Why does everyone on the internet want to die? How suicide memes took over the web

It’s 2017 and even our memes are suicidal.

"The floor is …" meme is for every millennial trying to grow up without leaving the past behind

When you were a kid, the floor was just lava. Now it's way more complicated.

Hummus memes are the only thing pure enough to save us in 2017

The internet is cruel, but hummus memes are pure. They're about being you.

The 'Mocking SpongeBob' chicken meme is all that makes sense anymore in our broken country

Here's the "SpongeBob as a chicken" episode that started that weird "Mocking SpongeBob" meme.

'Overwatch' Uprising Voice Lines: Update includes a hilarious nod to an 'Overwatch' meme

Blizzard added an awesome nod to its rabid fandom with a new voice line in the 'Overwatch' Uprising update.

The "Will Now Have Stories" meme roasts Facebook for ripping off Snapchat's feature

In 2017, stories are unavoidable — and this says a lot about the state of Silicon Valley.

The "Please Do Not Swear on My Profile Thanks" meme going viral on Facebook, explained

"Please do not swear on my profile thanks" — it's just common courtesy.

#GetOutChallenge memes are quickly taking over Twitter

This meme is not for the lazy.

Looking for the best meme page on Instagram? These are our favorites.

No, the Fat Jew did not make the cut.

Designer Philipp Plein responds to Alexander Wang's accusations of copying his runway show

"Why should I copy something? We have so much creativity and ideas in-house."

Zendaya recruits body shamed Twitter user to model her inclusive Daya by Zendaya clothing line

The unexpected upside to getting trolled.


The "Bernie Would've Won" meme: What is it, where did it come from and is it true?

Would Bernie Sanders really have won the 2016 Election, had he been nominated as the Democratic candidate? The memes weigh in.

"Get in the Bag, Nebby" Memes: This 'Pokémon Sun and Moon' character is going viral

Who is Nebby? This 'Pokémon Sun and Moon' meme is taking the internet by storm.

Evil Kermit meme origin: How hooded Kermit came to dominate social media

Where did you come from, evil Kermit? And where are you headed?

14-Year-Old Disney Star Skai Jackson Shut Down Azealia Banks' Latest Vile Rant

"My memes are more relevant than you. Now that's sad."

10 of the Worst Pickup Lines We Found Online That You Should Probably Never Use

Please, never try using these on any dating app.

What Is a Meme? How the Internet Appropriated a Biological Term

The word has nothing to do with the internet.

'Making a Murderer' Is Inspiring Hilarious Memes — But Many of Them Make a Good Point

'Making a Murderer' has launched a thousand memes.

Cruel Commenters Made This Girl's Before-and-After Photos Go Viral — So She's Speaking Out

"People's opinions don't matter to me."


Who Said It: Cliven Bundy or the 'Almost Politically Correct Redneck'?

Play this game to find out just how bigoted the Nevada cattle rancher really is.

Why You Should Think Twice About Sharing That Meme

The target of some pretty fierce Reddit hatred explained himself in an article last week, providing a useful reminder that not every meme is what it seems.

Why Religion Gets Such a Bad Rap in the Media

Religion often gets flak in the media, and as a society fractured by divisiveness, it's important for us to learn to get along.

Harlem Shake YouTube Reactions: Watch Harlem Reacting to the Harlem Shake Video

Real people from Harlem, New York, are not impressed with internet's newest and goofiest viral meme yet.