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Stories That Pay Off: What to do if your parents don’t have a retirement plan

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Thanksgiving 2018 airfare deals: The best time to book a cheap flight for holiday travel

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Meet Rakem Balogun, the Texas man whose support for a cop killer made him an FBI target

In the debut episode of Mic Dispatch, Texas-based community organizer Rakem Balogun explains how Facebook posts about the 2016 Dallas police ambush led to his five-month imprisonment.

Kayak’s new tool wants to solve one of the biggest problems in travel: planning a group trip

Organizing your sister's bachelorette party for 30 of her closest friends is no longer a complete nightmare.

‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ season 10, episode 10: Monét X Change exit interview

"Being a New Yorker and being a young black kid in America, I realized quickly not everyone is going to like you, and sometimes for no good reason."

Movement Must-Reads: U. of Florida commencement debacle, plus age discrimination in the job market

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‘Mic’ announces “Black Monuments of New York,” a push to build five statues in the city’s boroughs

The Black Monuments of New York endeavors to erect monuments of black Americans in each of the city's five boroughs.

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A Jesuit priest reveals the big problem with the so-called “war on Christmas”

Whether it’s the words of department store clerks, the decorations on our coffee cups, the songs our children sing in schools or the holiday symbols lining our streets, Americans cannot seem to agree.

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A note on editorial transparency

An overview of the work Mic has done to increase transparency and surface signals of trustworthiness

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Terribly designed condom wrappers appear to condone rape

"Donut" do this with your condom wrappers.