Parisians might take credit for the macaron, but it actually has Middle Eastern roots

The history of the Parisian macaron shows influence from Persian pastries and Baghdad royals.

How a humble pot of rice became the ultimate celebratory food in cultures around the world

From biryani in India to jollof in Nigeria, large-format rice dishes are designed to feed a crowd and celebrate weddings and holidays.

Why I travel in the age of fear

Certain destinations, particularly in the Middle East, gain "no-go" reputations when, really, they're places that are both worth a visit and could especially benefit from tourism.

'Zelda,' 'Overwatch' and the failure to represent Middle Eastern and South Asian identities in games

Representation in video games is improving, but the industry seems to have a particularly tough time with the various cultures that make up the Middle East and South Asia.

World Refugee Day: The migrant crisis, by the numbers

65.6 million people are displaced worldwide.

Trump praised Arab nations decision to cut off Qatar possibly caused by Russian hackers

Russian hackers may have planted fake news to drive a wedge between Trump and Qatar, a key U.S. ally, CNN reported.

Women's rights activist Loujain al-Hathloul arrested in Saudi Arabia

Authorities have not explained why the arrested al-Hathloul, but Amnesty International believes it has to do with her women's rights activism.

6 Arab nations cut diplomatic ties with Qatar amid tensions in the Gulf region

Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Yemen and Libya have all announced their support of the split.

Ivanka Trump takes $100 million from country her father once said wants "women as slaves"

Donald Trump once criticized Hillary Clinton for accepting donations from Saudi Arabia, a country that "wants women as slaves."

How the electronics ban will affect US travelers

Read this before you go on an international trip this summer.

A Detroit physician is being charged with performing female genital mutilation

This emergency room physician is alleged to have performed FGM on girls as young as six.


Electronics Ban on Planes: Which airlines are affected by the US ban?

Airlines operating direct flights to the U.S. from major Middle Eastern and African cities will be impacted.

The "Trump effect" is having a devastating impact on foreign applications to US colleges

International students infuse billions into the U.S. economy. But Donald Trump's policies and rhetoric are scaring them away.

7 things you should know about Islam around the world

Before you make assumptions, learn the basics about Islam.

Which countries is Trump banning? There's something these 7 nations have in common

Absolutely no refugees from the seven countries in Trump's ban have committed a single fatal attack in the U.S.

Rudy Giuliani admitted Trump's "extreme vetting" is actually just a Muslim ban

The former New York mayor made it clear that Trump's executive order had Islamophobic motivations.

'Resident Evil 7' Spoilers: Ending leaks ahead of release date to reveal character detail

The ending of the newest 'Resident Evil' game leaked online, so don't click any suspicious spoiler links from your gaming friends.

Jared Kushner's businesses: Here are Trump son-in-law's business ventures — and possible conflicts

There are a lot of potential problems in Jared Kushner's business dealings.

'Letters to a Young Muslim' answers one of the hardest questions for Muslim American youth

Omar Saif Ghobash gives powerful advice for young Muslim Americans in midst of a battle of their identities.

Donald Trump will move US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, says Kellyanne Conway

The move would enrage Palestinians and their Arab allies, and potentially reignite the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

13% of Muslim Americans in this CAIR exit poll voted for Donald Trump. Here's why.

You might be surprised by their reasons.

Talib Kweli: "American culture is built on the gun"

'Clarify,' from 'Mic' and Spotify, explores the issue of gun violence.

'Civ 6' release date and time: When can you play 'Civilization VI' in each country?

Here's when 'Civ 6' will be available to play around the world.

Special Relationship podcast from 'Mic' and the 'Economist': The Struggle for Syria

Stepping back to look at one of the world's most devastating crises.

Bomb squad called over box of cookies with Arabic text, Islamaphobia alive and well

The box had both Arabic and English descriptions on it.

13 cheap and brilliant recipes that'll make you want breakfast for dinner

Breakfast: It's what's for dinner.

Hillary Clinton: Here's what millennials have taught me

And here's what I'll do as president to champion your generation's values.

These young Muslim Americans are disappointed Saudi officials changed Eid al-Adha date

At first, the Islamic holiday coincided with 9/11.