Amazon’s minimum wage boost will strip hourly employees of bonuses

On Tuesday, Amazon announced that it would increase minimum wages to $15 an hour.

Amazon raises its minimum wage to $15 per hour for all US employees

The new rate will go in effect on Nov. 1.

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The fight to increase minimum wage will be a midterm election issue, the Poor People’s Campaign says

Organizers of campaigns to raise minimum wage for fast-food and blue-collar workers said they’ll build on local and state-level victories by sending swarms of low-wage voters to the polls this fall.

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This episode of 'Mic Dispatch' explores how hip-hop artists are jumping into the world of cryptocurrencies and how a 27-year-old mother is fighting to raise salaries in Missouri.

You can’t call yourself a social justice organization if your employees aren’t paid a living wage

How can an organization claim to be an advocate for women and families while offering a salary that would be unsustainable for most women and their families?

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Can you fight wage theft? Here's how to protect your earnings from unscrupulous employers in 2018.

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Why CEOs of socially responsible companies face a higher risk of getting fired

Leaders of corporations who invest in social good get better job security if their company does well financially. But their risk of getting fired spikes under different circumstances...

MacArthur “genius” Greg Asbed is helping the world’s most vulnerable workers get a raise

Here's why one 2017 MacArthur Foundation fellow, Greg Asbed, just won a "genius" grant for $625,000.

7 economic justice groups working to close the wealth gap

From fighting to raise the minimum wage to empowering debtors to dispute their student loans, these groups are leading the charge for economic justice.

9 companies that offer part-time jobs with health insurance

These 9 employers offer health insurance to part-time workers and provide decent pay.

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Missouri Republicans just slashed the minimum wage from $10 to $7.70

The law lowers the minimum wage in St. Louis.

Should we raise the US minimum wage? Why people disagree — and what solutions might really work.

Here are the major pros and cons of raising the minimum wage — and how changes really affect workers.

Kshama Sawant on why Seattle needs an independent investigation into the Charleena Lyles shooting

Seattle City Councilperson Kshama Sawant, member of Socialist Alternative party, discusses the Charleena Lyles investigation, tenant voter registration, why Hillary Clinton lost in 2016 and more.

Minneapolis might get a $15 minimum wage, but restaurant workers aren't celebrating

Discord has been brewing in Minneapolis over whether tipped work will be counted toward a $15 minimum wage.

Uber now lets you tip your driver. So how much should you tip?

Here's how your Uber experience is going to change.

Employees at Ivanka Trump's Indonesian factory allege verbal abuse and paltry wages

One woman only sees her children once a month because she can't afford to raise them on her meager wages.


Walmart is cracking down on sick days and disabled employees. Its workers are fighting back.

A new report details the ways Walmart may be in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

GOP nominee in Georgia's 6th District special election says she doesn't "support a livable wage"

Republican nominee Karen Handel handed Democrats a ready-made attack ad during a debate Tuesday night.

$15 minimum wage bill passes Illinois House and Senate, heads to Gov. Rauner's desk

The Illinois legislature just passed a $15 minimum wage bill, but SB81 faces uncertainty as it heads to Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner's desk.

Chicago's "March on McDonald's" takes aim at "the Donald Trump of employers"

Workers and their allies around the country descended on Chicago to protest Trump and low wages.

Equal Pay Day was April 4 — for mothers, it's May 23

On average, mothers earn just 71 cents to a father's dollar.


Bernie Sanders' new bill would raise minimum wage to $15. Does it stand a chance?

The Raise the Wage Act may not pass Congress, but it sends a message that workers are planning to fight back against Trump.

Equal pay is widely understood to be a feminist issue — so why isn't the Fight for $15?

The fight for equal pay has made its way to mainstream feminism. Why hasn't the Fight for $15?

The gender wage gap is keeping the US women's hockey team from the world championships

Players said they're standing up against the wage gap to show girls who dream of playing hockey that they matter.