Latino actors are still ignored when it comes to leading roles in film in 2016

Latinos rarely get a shot to lead a major studio film.


The Movie Industry Just Admitted Piracy Isn't Curbing Its Massive Profits

Reports of its death have been greatly exaggerated.

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The MPAA is pushing back on Minnesota's anti-revenge porn bill.

The Problem With How Hollywood — and the Oscars — Treat Sex in Movies

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'Magic Mike XXL' is acceptable viewing for Swedes of all ages.

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Turns Out 'Mean Girls' Was Almost Rated R for a Totally Sexist Reason

God forbid anyone under 17 ever has to hear the word "vagina."

The MPAA is Turning to Elementary Schools to Win the Anti-Piracy Fight

The Motion Picture Association of America, the RIAA, and Internet service providers are rallying together to support a new initiative to educate elementary school students about digital piracy.

PG-13 Movies Are Now Three Times More Violent Than in 1985

A new study about gun violence in movies reveals that PG-13 movies aren't so PG after all.

Why IsoHunt's Shut Down Won't Affect the Movie Industry

The death of IsoHunt is only a temporary defeat for file-sharing services and their fans.

The MPAA's Movie Rating System Is Useless and Needs to Go

Films are getting darker, dirtier, and more violent, but the Motion Picture Association of America's rating system hasn't changed. Here's why it needs to catch up.

A Brief History Of Women's Sexuality In Hollywood

'The To Do List' is a rare female-oriented sex comedy. But the history of sex on film - especially for women - is fraught, and the situation remains dire.

Academy Awards Changes Rule to Consider DVDs, Films Outside Theaters

Academy members can now consider films from a DVD viewing and outside the in-theater environment, but what will this do to the Oscars as a whole?

How Spy Cams and Cyber Trolls Are Violating Your Privacy Right Now

More and more aspects of our lives are being lived online, and as such the criminalities, inequalities and injustices we experience are felt there.

'Django Unchained' Movie: Will It Be the Last Violent Christmas Movie?

We can't stop making violent movies. But we can do something to lessen their impact: Fix the rating system.

Why Internet Piracy May Actually Benefit America

The pirating of online content is not a form of stealing, and is actually a great benefit to individuals' wallets and liberties.

'Bully' Movie Could Reduce Teen Suicides, Should Not Receive an R Rating

“Bully,” a film that could have an enormous impact on the bullying epidemic in the world, has received an R-rating by the MPAA, preventing teens under the age of 17 from seeing the film.

Boycott of Shows Why the Stop Online Piracy Act is Wrong

The Stop Online Piracy Act jeopardizes internet freedom and may infringe on certain rights.