These are the 7 horror movies hitting theaters this summer

Clowns, sharks and creepy dolls — this summer has everything.

Sofia Coppola becomes second woman to win best director prize at Cannes Film Festival

It has been 56 years since a woman has won the coveted award.

Cannes Film Festival has a dog award and the winners are so darn cute

Adam Sandler's canine costar from 'The Meyerowitz Stories' has won a coveted Palm Dog award.

Cannes critics are raving about Robert Pattinson's role in 'Good Time'

Pattinson is earning serious buzz for his role in 'Good Time.'

Is 'True Detective' season 3 happening? Everything we know so far.

Mattew McConaughey recently noted that he would be game to return for a third season of 'True Detective'. Will it happen?

11 Tough-Love Quotes From Celebrities and Pinterest to Get You Through a Breakup

Here's a healthy dose of post-breakup reality from your good old friend, the internet.

All Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling Fans Want Is a 'Notebook' Moment at the 2016 Oscars

All people want out of Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams is another 'The Notebook.'

Johnny Depp Named Most Overpaid Hollywood Actor of 2015

Johnny Depp is officially the most overpaid man in Hollywood.

Lily-Rose Depp Came Out as Sexually Fluid in a Moving Photo Series

The 16-year-old model doesn't care much for labels.

This Is Why the 'True Detective' Season 2 Premiere Felt So Underwhelming

Everyone wants to have their own McConaissance.

Watch the Tense New Trailer for 'True Detective' Season 2

"We get the world we deserve." Even if it's a flat circle.


13 People With Perfect Responses for Why Weed Should Be Legal

Because the only people who's support pot are lazy stoners, right?

Oscar Winners 2014: Matthew McConaughey

For "Dallas Buyers Club."

Razzies Nominees 2014: The Official List of All the Worst Films of 2013

Turns out Sylvester Stallone is the worst actor of all time.

'Only God Forgives': Ryan Gosling Not in a Romantic Comedy Anymore

"Only God Forgives" is a far cry from his "Notebook" and "Crazy Stupid Love" days.

Anchorman 2 Trailer YouTube: Watch the Full Length Trailer Here

The full length trailer for 'Anchorman 2' trailer is here, and it reveals all the same humor as the first, plus some amazing celebrity appearances. Get ready for the return of Ron Burgundy.

Jamie Foxx MTV Generation Award

Kerry Washington delivers the award to the "Django Unchained" star.

Jamie Foxx Wears Trayvon Martin Shirt At MTV Movie Awards

Foxx, who will receive the MTV Generation Award tonight, is wearing a shirt featuring the late Trayvon Martin's face on the red carpet.

Jamie Foxx MTV Movie Awards: 2013 MTV Generation Award

The star of "Django Unchained"' has quite a night ahead! Jamie Foxx is set to receive the MTV Generation Award at Sunday's MTV Movie Awards ceremony.

MTV Movie Awards Best Kiss: Who Will Win?

Which on screen kiss deserves to win this year's MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss?

50 Shades of Grey Movie Cast: Ryan Gosling and the 25 Flavors of Christian Grey

Speculation over who would play sexually dominant business tycoon Christian Grey in the upcoming film version of 'Fifty Shades of Grey' continues to mount. Here are 25 different flavors.

Kristen Stewart Cheating Scandal: Why Cheating is the Ultimate Deal Breaker

Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson and the media went wild. The truth is, 22% of the population cheats, so why has one girl become the world's sacrificial lamb?

Robert Pattinson Dating Rumors: Star Hiding Out at Reese Witherspoon House

To get some privacy during his devastating break-up, Robert Pattinson finds comfort in the home of Reese Witherspoon.

Emma Watson Should Not Play Anastasia Steele in 50 Shades of Grey the Movie

Emma Watson is legitimately sweet and innocent, she doesn't need to be cast as the half-willing victim of some sadist in the upcoming film version of "Fifty Shades of Grey."

50 Shades of Grey Movie: 5 Reasons Why Women Are Obsessed With Christian Grey

Christian Grey, the main character of E.L. James’ book – and upcoming movie – “Fifty Shades of Grey” is a sadist abuser. Why do women seem to love him?