Hype Daily: Rihanna reportedly turned down the Super Bowl halftime show and other entertainment news

An "insider" told 'Us Weekly' the NFL "really wanted" Rihanna.


Trump suggests NFL should suspend Marshawn Lynch for kneeling during national anthem

The tweet was Trump's second one criticizing African-American athletes in two days.

Houston Texans players respond to owner Bob McNair’s “inmate” comment with pregame protest

The players staged a pregame protest after owner Bob McNair referred to them as "inmates."

Want to be $50,000 richer? These 9 fun contests pay winners thousands (or millions) of dollars

If you've got millionaire dreams, know that you can get richer fast without buying a lottery ticket — with these fun, creative and high-paying contests.

Kaepernick to reportedly focus on Trump in collusion case against NFL. Will it work?

A sports law expert tells us this could be a difficult strategy to pull off.

NFL will not prohibit players from protesting during national anthem, spokesman says

The announcement comes days after President Donald Trump thanked the NFL for "demanding" players stand for the anthem.

3 dangerous myths about your rights at work that could get you fired and destroy your career

You don't have as many rights on the job as you may think you do.

New study shows most Americans disagree with Trump on NFL anthem protests

A majority of those polled, including one-third of Republicans and nine out of 10 Democrats, also said Trump telling football fans to boycott NFL games was inappropriate.

By promoting “bumper-sticker patriotism” Trump is buying into what the NFL has sold for years

Patriotism has been "conflated with a bumper-sticker kind of flag-waving and with the military only."

New ‘Sports Illustrated’ cover highlights protest in sports without acknowledging Colin Kaepernick

The cover seemingly erases Kaepernick from the movement he started.

Two Chicago police offers face formal reprimand for taking a knee in uniform

"We are aware of the photo, and we will address it in the same way we have handled previous incidents."


Bernice King: “People didn’t approve of how my father protested injustice either”

Decades after the end of her father's life, “racism STILL kills people and corrupts systems,” King tweeted.

NFL players, coach, team owner take a knee during national anthem at Ravens vs. Jaguars game

Two entire NFL teams participated in an act of protest during the national anthem following Trump's divisive remarks.

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NFL players donate $20,000 to youth football team that was punished for national anthem protest

"We wanted to make sure that we sent those kids the message that it's OK to stand up for what you believe in," Malcolm Jenkins said.

Colin Kaepernick is jobless because the NFL is a "meritocracy," says Commissioner Roger Goodell

Nope, it’s not about politics at all.

E3 2017 Sports game: 5 biggest announcements from EA Play

EA Play was huge for EA Sports. It delivered potentially groundbreaking info on the publisher's most iconic sports franchises.

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'This Is Us' season 2 time slot moved again — but that's a good thing

No need to choose between the NBC drama and 'Thursday Night Football.'

'Madden 18' Story Mode: What to expect from EA Sports' new single-player feature

The 'Madden 18' story mode figures to be a lot like "The Journey" in 'FIFA 17.'

'NFL Blitz' is the cure for my 'Madden 18' Tom Brady-induced narcolepsy

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Unlike his inauguration, Donald Trump's meeting with the Patriots was well-attended

Donald Trump was finally right about a crowd size.

'NBA 2K17' boost draft popularity is proof 2K must deliver a similar mode in 'NBA 2K18'

Boost Drafts are hot. Let's hope 2K is watching.

2019 NBA All-Star Game may return to North Carolina after repeal of HB2 "bathroom bill"

The problem is that the so-called "repeal" might be just as bad as the original HB2.

5 tips for providing feedback to sports video game developers

Everyone has an idea or two for their favorite sports video game, but do you know how, when and who to convey your suggestions?

Patriots owner Robert Kraft has visited Trump twice since players announced their boycott

Several Patriots players are still boycotting President Trump because of his bigotry.

Kim DePaola Car Fire: What we know about the murder investigation linked to 'RHONJ' star

The victims were found dead inside DePaola's car.

Group of investors warn Texas against implementation of "bathroom bill"

A group of investors valued at $11 trillion urged Texas not to adopt a North Carolina-style bathroom bill.

Leaked NFL handbook reveals the sexist rules cheerleaders endure — for abysmal pay

If you want to be a Raiderette, learn to keep your legs closed. Literally.