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A brake malfunction reportedly led to Lyft pulling e-bikes in three cities.

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These are the most expensive cities in the world

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Amazon’s Long Island City deal surprised local organizers. But they are ready to keep fighting.

“This was a secret deal that was made without any transparency,” a member of the Long Island City Coalition said.

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Pedro Hernandez speaks out against bail system that kept him in jail for a year

Pedro Hernandez gives his first formal interview since a human rights organization bailed him out from jail on Rikers Island to spur action on bail reform.

Taiwanese food is finally having a moment in New York City’s crowded restaurant scene

Three new restaurants showcase the best of Taiwanese cuisine: beef noodle soup, oyster omelette, stinky tofu and more.

Alec Baldwin arrested in New York after allegedly punching someone in a parking space dispute

Baldwin allegedly punched someone in an altercation over a parking spot.

Andrew Zimmern: When government fails immigrants, the restaurant industry has to protect them

Zimmern said that the hospitality industry is particularly special because it "disproportionately [affords immigrants] a success story and a path to that American dream.”

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We talked to drinks professionals about mental health, sobriety and working behind the bar when you don't drink.

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This edition looks into the barriers trans male models face within the fashion world and explores a string of New York City taxi-driver suicides amid increasing competition from ride-hailing apps.

How US cities and states plan to push back against the Trump administration on climate change

Cities and states made bold commitments to fighting climate change during the California summit — but even more needs to be done.

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On this edition of 'Mic Dispatch,' we’re exploring inclusive comedy.

The Hudson River isn’t as gross as you think: What a huge oyster says about the quality of NYC water

A giant, 8-inch oyster discovered in the Hudson River reveals how efforts for cleaning up the water are working.

Judge dismisses New York City’s climate change lawsuit against oil and gas companies

The judge said that climate change efforts shouldn't be decided by the courts — but the NYC lawsuit is one of many trying to force government and corporate action on climate change.

An injectable estrogen shortage reminds trans women that our fight is far from over

For 'Mic Dispatch,' correspondent Serena Daniari interviewed trans woman Emira Hajj about the injectable estrogen shortage.

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Why a gay bar denied entry to a blind queer person — and how to improve spaces for disabled people

Even the most progressive spaces can sometimes still have trouble with inclusivity.

Alexander Wang talks pride-inspired capsule collection and using fashion as a vehicle for change

"[I want to] use this platform that I have to share a positive message and bring people together for not only what they have in common, but what their differences are."

McDonald’s shareholders vote against a companywide ban of plastic straws

The fast food company will continue to use plastic straws in its stores worldwide.

While You Weren’t Looking: 5 stories from the Trump administration that aren’t about Mueller’s probe

The Trump administration may have tried to cover up a major water contamination crisis and Homeland Security is preparing a plan to separate immigrant families.

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'Mic' spoke to Caitlin FitzGerald about how she prepared for her role in 'Sweetbitter' and the impact of #MeToo on the restaurant and acting industries.

150 years ago, a group of women fought the patriarchy by eating lunch at this NYC restaurant

Before they were fighting for the right to vote, women were fighting for the right to dine out without the accompaniment of a male chaperone.