More than 100 newspapers will condemn Trump’s attacks on the media

Newspapers across the country are preparing to defend journalism.

Net Neutrality 2017: Enjoy internet and TV? How the FCC’s vote could affect your choices and costs.

Why the FCC's net neutrality decision and other agency changes could affect your costs and choices for internet, cell phone and television services — and who to contact about it.

The ‘Village Voice,’ the nation’s first alt-weekly, ends print publication

“This decision will allow us to move forward more freely in our pursuit of all of those avenues so that the 'Village Voice' brand is not just once again viable, but vital.”

Amelia Earhart took the NYT to task for calling her by her husband’s name — and it worked

The flyer made sure she'd always be remember as Ms. Earhart.

A porn company wants guys to use their genitals as a password. That’s a terrible idea.

We asked for flying cars. We got fingerprint readers for your junk instead.

CJR media reporter David Uberti to join Fusion, which is rebranding as Splinter

Uberti will join the site a week before it rebrands from Fusion to Splinter.

Sacca of Shark Tank and other tech leaders plead forgiveness after scathing sexual harassment report

Silicon Valley leadership is finally admitting they "have a lot of work to do."

'New York Times' employees walk out over proposed newsroom restructuring

Employees are concerned over coming job cuts.

Conservative columnist Bret Stephens joins MSNBC

Stephens will remain a columnist at The New York Times.

Sarah Palin has filed a long-ditch lawsuit against the 'New York Times'

Palin's lawsuit comes at a time when President Donald Trump has threatened to "open up" libel laws.

No, James Comey did not make an incognito visit to the 'New York Times'

Comey was attending a charity event to benefit foster children at another company.


Oculus founder reportedly developing a virtual border wall

Palmer Luckey is hoping for a tech comeback by developing a virtual border wall for President Donald Trump.

The 'New York Times' is getting rid of its public editor position

Liz Spayd's last day at the Gray Lady is Friday.

'New York Times' adds correction to Bret Stephens' climate change op-ed

Stephens got basic climate facts wrong as he defended the "right to be skeptical of an overweening scientism."

People are cancelling their 'New York Times' subscriptions over a climate change column

Readers are outraged after the 'Times' ran a column encouraging skepticism on the subject of climate change.


Mic adds three veterans of Breaking News, Spin & Politico to newsroom in news, entertainment & media

Stephanie Clary, Kyle McGovern and Kelsey Sutton will help expand news, entertainment and media coverage.

More than a third of Republicans believe that press freedom is a bad thing

More than a third of Republicans believe the free press "does more harm than good."

The original Tamagotchi is coming back. Sound the alarms, millennials.

Starve your Tamagotchi to death in your backpack all over again.

Awkward Ivanka Trump correction in 'New York Times' is getting dragged on Twitter

The 'New York Times' issues a correction about Donald and Ivanka Trump that would delight Freud.

NY Post hacked in April Fools' prank, sends 'Heil Trump' alerts

The 'NY Post' was hacked on April Fool's day.


Rick Perry: How a gay student body president at Texas A&M is taking on the US energy secretary

Rick Perry called a student election "a mockery of due process and transparency." The newly-elected student body president responded.

Biloxi, Mississippi, Bus Crash: Train hits charter bus, leaving at least 4 dead

Multiple fatalities and injuries have been sustained after a train crashed into a charter bus in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Sean Spicer bars the 'Times,' BBC, CNN from press briefing amid White House's war on media

Sean Spicer once called banning the press something a "dictatorship" would do.

Russia launches "fake news" page flagging legitimate stories that make Kremlin look bad

Like President Donald Trump, the Kremlin is dismissing unflattering stories as "fake news." Great.

Riots break out in Stockholm in wake of Trump's rally remarks on Sweden and immigration

The incident has Trump fans calling him an oracle.

Dominican newspaper apologizes for using photo of Alec Baldwin instead of Donald Trump

Baldwin's impression of Trump is that good.

CNN chose facts over another appearance by Kellyanne Conway

The White House offered Kellyanne Conway as a guest to CNN. The network said No, thanks.

Marley Dias, the 12-year-old behind #1000BlackGirlBooks, is penning her own book

Dias is publishing a book to help young girls make their dreams com true.

What does President Donald Trump read and watch?

Here's a list of his known daily media consumption.