Jeff Sessions kept saying he "couldn't recall" things. Here's the possible legal reason why.

Sessions' "safe answers" in his Senate testimony could guard him against potential perjury accusations in the future.

Donald Trump says he's "100%" willing to testify under oath about James Comey meetings

Trump accused Comey of lying under oath, and said he'd soon reveal whether he has tapes of his conversations with Comey.

Trump's press secretary was asked if he'd try to be honest in his first formal briefing

Can we all just get along? Don't rush to decide.

13 of the best protest signs from Trump's inauguration

"Goldman sucks"

Ferguson Prosecutor Made a Startling Admission That Could Reopen the Darren Wilson Case

This might have been "a serious ethical breach."


This Principal Had a Pledge Of Allegiance "Shutdown," and the Response Was Outrage

A Nebraska high school principal might face disciplinary measures for canceling the Pledge of Allegiance. Even during the shutdown, propaganda must still go on...

Truckers Protest Obama By Causing Traffic Jam On Beltway

The truckers are planning to "awaken the American people to the complete disregard for the Constitution and bring a message to Congress that We The People demand to be heard."

Trayvon Martin Trial: George Zimmerman Doesn't Deserve Much Sympathy

The prosecution has shown that Zimmerman did not follow protocols. At this point, he doesn't deserve much sympathy for his actions.

The U.S. Gives Special Immigration Rights to the Religious

A recent story coming to light about a UK woman's objection to a largely ignored clause in immigration procedure encourages renewed attention to the pledge to "take up arms" for naturalization.

Steubenville Rape Case: Alleged Victim Will Testify

The 16 year-old alleged rape victim will testify in court on today.


No Labels Hopes Changes to Political Rules Will Break the Gridlock

Congress is hopelessly gridlocked. Over 500,000 members of No Labels believe changes to congressional rules can return Congress to its primary purpose of governing. Do you agree?

Harvard's Attack on Student Freedom

For the first time in its history, Harvard is inviting freshman to sign a "civility" pledge. What do such pledges mean for free speech and thought on campus?