While You Weren’t Looking: 5 stories from the Trump administration that aren’t about Cohen’s tape

Betsy DeVos rolls back relief for defrauded students, Jeff Sessions wants people to stop using the word "undocumented" and Trump's new EPA chief is already acting a lot like Scott Pruitt.

Betsy DeVos announces rollback of Obama-era Title IX sexual assault guidelines

DeVos said the Obama-era guidelines have "failed too many students."

Overtime pay law changes: How new government rules affect the way your rate is calculated in 2017

To qualify for overtime pay, you have to earn below a certain salary level.

Ethics watchdog group will release Mar-a-Lago visitors log

The watchdog group CREW will obtain the logs as part of their lawsuit against the administration.

'Hot Mic' podcast: Health care opposition, Trump on Russian meddling & Pakistan tanker explosion

The important stories to get you caught up for Monday morning.

Donald Trump is now blaming Obama for Russian election interference

Trump tweeted Obama "choked" on Russia, adding he thinks Obama was trying to protect Hillary Clinton.

The Trump administration just pulled funding from a group that fights white extremism

Right wing violence is heating up, and the Justice Department is looking the other way.

Leaked draft rule suggests Trump will roll back Obama's birth control coverage mandate

A leaked draft of a forthcoming rule indicates that the Trump administration will allow any employer to apply for religious exemption from contraceptive coverage.

While You Weren't Looking: Trump flew these 4 bits of policy way under the radar this week

As the press focused on a cascade of White House crises, the Trump administration continued to carry out its agenda.

Black Lives Matter, civil rights groups give DOJ's drug memo a resounding 'no'

The attorney general is reviving an approach to law enforcement that the civil rights community despises.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions to double down on prosecuting drug crimes

Sessions seems ready to deliver on his promised "tough-on-crime" approach.

Donald Trump Obamacare: Here are the changes you can expect

Trump can still hobble the Affordable Care Act. Here's how.

Republicans just passed a bill to allow shooting bears from helicopters

The bill abolishes regulations that protected wolves and bears.

Trump empowered these Kansas school administrators to take away trans kids' rights

"Trump was basically leaving it up to us."

Obama administration officials filed a brief in support of transgender teen Gavin Grimm

Obama administration officials have doubled down on their Title IX interpretation and supported Grimm.

Trump signs bill to repeal Obama-era rule blocking gun sales to some mentally ill people

The rule was opposed by Republicans, the NRA and the ACLU.


Transgender Bathroom Law: Which states won't let trans students choose their own restroom?

The Trump administration revokes Obama's Title IX protection for transgender students, sending the issue to the states.

Trump honors fallen Navy SEAL killed in his administration's first military operation

The Trump administration had previously touted the operation as a success.

Did Obama ban refugees in 2011? Fact-checking Trump's statements about Obama and refugees

Trump cited Obama as precedent for his draconian immigration executive order.

Trans-Pacific Partnership: What pulling out could mean for the US in the long-term

Donald Trump has formally withdrawn from the TPP.

Here's what's on the new Congress' agenda today

The GOP-led Congress is expected to move quickly to undo Obama accomplishments.

Barack Obama expels Russian spies, diplomats from US over election hacks

In response to the hacking that helped elect Donald Trump, the United States sanctioned some Russian spooks.

Obama administration kills program Trump could use to register Muslim, Arab immigrants

Donald Trump wants to register Muslim immigrants. Barack Obama is taking steps to make that harder.

Employers nationwide gave raises to avoid paying overtime. Now they're taking them back.

A federal judge blocked the Obama administration’s new labor rule — and workers are losing their raises.

Obama just took an important stand for reproductive rights

But before you break out the victory dance, read this.

What happened at Standing Rock — and what's next for indigenous people

While native activists are celebrating their historic win, the future of the pipeline is in the hands of Donald Trump.

New Rules to Require Equal Bathroom Rights for Trans People in Most Federal Facilities

Around 1 million employees and many other guests will now be granted equal bathroom rights.

President Obama Reconsidering Ban on Transfer of Military Equipment to Police

Following attacks in Dallas and Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the feds may resume giving military equipment to police.

The Dallas Shootings Do Not Mean There Is Now a War on Police

Violence against law enforcement officials has actually been on the decline for decades.