Teacher pens letter to school paper, quotes Bible verse saying gay people "deserve to die"

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Woman Allegedly Booted From Plane Because Her Shorts Were Deemed “Inappropriate”

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Pornhub and Its Ilk Should Be Banned, Claims Think Tank Paper

According to a paper published by conservative think tank the Witherspoon Institute, internet pornography is a nefarious scourge that's destroying America, and it must be stopped.

Porn Purge Fails Miserably At Wikipedia Because This is the Internet

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Sandra Osterman Testimony Censored in Latest CNN Blunder

CNN censored Sandra Osterman's testimony during the George Zimmerman trial, confusing viewers. But it's just the latest in a series of serious mistakes made by the network this year.

Porn Star Harry Reems Dies At 65 — But There Was Much More to Him Than "Deep Throat"

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Town Bans 'F*ck' and Other Potty Words — First Amendment Rights Be Damned

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Rick Santorum Seeks Porn Censorship, Defends Rapists In Process

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