Department of Justice takes step toward banning bump stocks with new filing

Before the Saturday filing, the Justice Department had long claimed it doesn't have the power to regulate bump stocks.

When will health care vote happen? Pressure mounts as Trump's Friday deadline looms.

When will the House vote on health care? Here's what you need to know.

3 takeaways from Trump's budget plan for 2018

Which agencies would be hardest hit? Find out here.

Trump plans to eliminate 25 violence against women grant programs as way to cut spending

The Trump transition team is proposing dramatic spending cuts all in the name of a "skinny budget" plan.

Salmonella — It's What's For Dinner, Thanks to Obama

There's been a salmonella outbreak Obama is doing nothing about. Thankfully, I know just the place where we can find money to bring back the food inspectors.

Government Shutdown 2013: Website Removals and Barry-Cades

Only the federal government could institute a shutdown and make it more expensive.


This Law Will Give Millennials The Power to Hold Politicians Accountable

By changing the way in which the government calculates debt and the future cost of new laws, the INFORM Act could be a huge help to the millennial generation.

OMB Memo Instructs Federal Agencies to Begin Shutdown

The White House Office of Management and Budget orders the beginning of a partial shutdown.

5 Questions About the U.S. Budget You Were Too Afraid To Ask

As the October 1 government shutdown deadline approaches, here are five things to keep in mind concerning the federal budget.

Federal Agencies Realize the Best Places to Work Have Effective Leadership

A Partnership for Public Service report found that quality leadership is the most important factor in leading a company, offering nothing new or revolutionary in effective business practices.

Thought the Sequester Was Gone? Think Again

Even though the sequester has been in effect for a month, it will have much longer lasting effects on the following annual budgets and beyond.


Sequester 2013: It's a Largely Fabricated Drama By Our Leaders

Sequestration, a self-imposed deadline for politicians to cut federal spending, is days away and could throw the United States back into recession. Who's to blame?

Presidential Polls 2012: These 5 Graphs Prove America is At the Tipping Point With Its Debt

49% of households are on the government dole, 49.5% aren’t paying income taxes and 48% of our public debt is now held by foreign creditors. Unless we change paths in 2012, we're the next Greece.

Obama Flips On the Role of Government Contractors

After promising to reduce wasteful government, Obama changes his mind on the use of contractors.