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That's All Folks, but More to Follow Tomorrow

After an exciting and exhausting day here in Norman, the major threats have now subsided. Most importantly, my friends and family have made it through safely, and I am safe as well.

Oklahoma Tornado Watch LIVE: Oklahoma City Metro Area Gets Another Tornado Warning

Just a little over a week ago, Moore was struck by a devastating tornado. Now the same area is under tornado watch, with rapidly forming super cells. PolicyMic has the live updates for this storm

Cleveland County Now Under a Tornado Warning

The severe weather conditions for Cleveland County have deteriorated from a tornado watch to a tornado warning. The tornado sirens have just begun to sound here in Norman as well.

Fractured Cloud Formation Now Forming to the South of OU Campus

The fractured cloud formation that formed to the south of the EL Reno area just before the mile-wide tornado touched down has just appeared now to the south of the OU campus.

Confirmed Touchdown of a Mile-Wide Tornado West-North-West of the OKC Metro

A mile-wide tornado has touched down just west-north-west of the OKC metro area near the town of El Reno. The super cell is still active and the severe weather is in full swing.


Oklahoma Tornado Watch: Severe Storm Path Sets Up New Wave Of Tornadoes Near Oklahoma City

With winds above 110mph, meteorologists are warning of possible tornadoes and hail Thursday in southwestern Missouri, eastern Arkansas, and southeastern Oklahoma.

Poorly Paid Hero Teachers in Oklahoma Risk Their Lives to Save Students From Tornado

The teachers in Oklahoma have proved that selflessness persevere's in the wake of tragedy. Why is it that these heroes are among the lowest paid in the nation?

Oklahoma City Tornado LIVE Stream: Moore Hit By Powerful Storm

There are over 171,000 people in the path of the storm and warnings have been issued from Texas to Michigan.

Westboro Baptist Church Blames Kevin Durant For Oklahoma Tornado

Both televangelist Pat Robertson and Fred Phelps, Jr. have weighed in on the question of where God was during Monday's tornado in Oklahoma. Absurdity ensued.

Kevin Durant: Will Donate $1 Million to Moore Tornado Relief Effort

Oklahoma City Thunder NBA star Kevin Durant donates $1 million to the disaster relief effort.


Moore Tornado: Death Toll Confirmed At 24, As Oklahoma Tries to Move Forward

Heartbreak and devastation is all that remains of the severe weather that struck the town of Moore and other parts of central Oklahoma, but here's how to help the victims move forward.

Moore Tornado Pictures: This Is the Destruction the Possible F5 Caused

Towns just south of Oklahoma City are still reeling from the devastating tornado that touched down earlier Monday afternoon and ripped apart homes and roads.

Moore Tornado: Wild Pictures Of Tornado Ripping Through Oklahoma City Suburbs

An estimated 171,000 people in the path of the tornado. Oklahoma highways were littered with capsized semi trucks, debris, and crashed cars, but that may not be the end of it.

Tornado Live Tracker: 5 States In the Path

Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas and Missouri have all seen or are expecting tornadoes in the last 24 hours.