Kentucky just passed a law allowing Bible classes in public schools

Watchdog groups are concerned about its potential to infringe on religious liberties.


This Republican Congressman quoted the Bible to justify denying poor people food

"If a man will not work, he shall not eat."

Leonard Cohen lyrics: 9 songs to remember his meditations on the sacred and the mundane

"Like a drunk in a midnight choir/ I have tried in my way to be free."

John Oliver Details Why So Many Scientific Studies Are “Bullshit”

Based on the scientific studies we see on TV, coffee has a lot in common with God in the Old Testament.

Here's How Many Times the Bible Talks About Transgender People

"An abomination to the Lord your God."


Are Easter and Passover Related? Here's the Story Behind the Spring Holidays

Here's the story behind Easter and Passover's relationship.

#TrumpBible Asks What the Bible Would Look Like, as Written by Donald Trump

The Gospel of Trump is hilarious — and kind of depressing.

Ridley Scott's Exodus Whitewashes the Bible By Casting Only White Actors

Christian Bale may make for a great Moses, but the new biblical biopic distorts history by leaving out brown actors in prominent roles.


War With Syria Could Signal Biblical Armageddon, Say Some Christians

Some are pointing to Old Testament passages that predict the destruction of Damascus and a civil war in Egypt as the crises in the Middle East unfolds.

The Political Dichotomy of the Bible

A brief look at the Old and New Testaments, how they differ, and what type of political philosophy one can embrace from the spirit of the text.

5 Things the LGBT Community Should Know About the Bible

God is a lover, not a hater. Christians should be ashamed of what has been coming out of many mouths about the “word of God.” It's time real Christians stand up and say what's right.

Marc Carson Killing: Does the Bible Provide Justification For Hate Crimes Against Gays?

The often cited Bible verse Leviticus 20:13 is used to justify homophobia. As a society we have rejected much from the book of Leviticus, shouldn't this verse also be rejected.

Pam Geller to Post New Islamophobic NYC Subway Posters On December 17

The hateful, inflammatory rhetoric is OK, the MTA says, because it was paid for.

Atheist Billboards Target Obama and Romney at Democratic National Convention

Atheist group mocks Mormonism and mainstream Christianity with ads featuring magic Mormon underwear and Jesus on toast.

Forget National Day of Prayer: Where's the National Day of Critical Thinking?

Today, President Barack Obama will proclaim a National Day of Prayer to the consternation of rationalists.

Science vs. Christianity, Judaism, and Islam on Finding God

God might exist, but the Abrahamic religions are an obstacle. Quantum physics will lead us to find the fundamental mechanisms of the universe.