Trumpcare vote count: A running list of House Republicans voting against the AHCA

There are currently enough Republicans against the Obamacare repeal to kill the legislation.

Susan Collins' Refusal to Back Donald Trump Shows Deeper Problem for Republicans

Donald Trump is losing white women. Without them, it's almost impossible for him to win in November.

Paycheck Fairness Act: GOP Congresswomen Says Women "Don't Want" Equal Pay Laws

Congresswoman Blackburn claims that women "don't want" more legislation protecting women from workplace discrimination and unequal pay.

Feminist Weekly: Commencement 2013 Edition

This week, activists took steps to end the gender-based hate speech of #FBrape pages, students plan to protest Kelly Ayotte's commencement speech, and millennials' loan debt continues to mount.

4 Reasons Olympia Snowe Was Right to Leave Congress

Critics say the moderate Republican should have stayed in office to make real change in Senate gridlock. They're wrong.

Heidi Heitkamp Wins: North Dakota Senate Adds to Record Number of Women in Senate

Of the 25 possible Senate seats in the 113th Congress, women will occupy 19, after Heidi Heitkamp's win in North Dakota: a new record for women in Congress.


Warren vs Brown Polls: Dems Up by 5 in MA Senate Race, Proves Romney Weak Coattails

The Republican dream of securing a Senate majority has been shattered by the inability of Romney to carry the party ticket.

Cynthia Dill in Maine Senate Race: The Peculiar Reasons The Democratic Party is Ignoring Her

When it comes to the Maine Senate race, there is a storm brewing between now and Election Day (and I am not talking about Hurricane Sandy).

Maine Primary Results: Angus King Will Win Olympia Snowe Senate Seat, But Her Legacy is Lost

Maine primaries will bring a whole lot of nothing to the table, King still the favorite in November.

Maine Primary Results: Angus King to Face Off Against Summers, Dill for Olympia Snowe Senate Seat

Angus King may be the only moderate left in Maine who can carry out Olympia Snowe's legacy of bipartisanship in the Senate. Carlie Summers and Cynthia Dill will be on the ballot.

Maine Primary Results: Angus King Will Dominate in the 2012 General Election

King will likely replace Olympia Snowe in Maine.


5 Republicans Who Are Not Waging a War on Women

These five Republicans are stepping up to prove women’s issues are non-partisan, by putting down their weapons in the War on Women.

The Problem With Bipartisanship

Political moderates are hailed as sensible people who stand above the partisan divide. But with both parties funded by corporate money, centrism isn't as appealing as it might seem.

Olympia Snowe's Retirement Signals the Decline of the Moderate (Female) GOP Senator

Snowe created a political career as a moderate willing to reach across the aisle, and found herself marooned on a GOP island where it was suddenly heresy to stray from the base.

Olympia Snowe Departure From Senate Marks Loss For Female Voice in Congress

Maine’s Republican Senator Olympia Snowe’s decision to retire instead of seek re-election may have been a favorable move for Democrats, but it’s also a loss for female politicians.