Patriarchy smasher allegedly sells 20 iPhones gifted by 20 boyfriends to help buy a house

It's unclear whether the story is true or a PR stunt.


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And it's a big victory for families.

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Vice "Chinese Cockblock": How a Male-Centric Worldview Hurts the HBO Show's Journalism

Vice's coverage of China's skewed gender ratio and the One Child Policy focuses on men's issues to the exclusion of women's, a reoccurring reporting problem for the series.


Prenatal Genetic Testing is an Unethical Form of Playing God

An emerging form of genetic testing may engender discrimination.

Chen Guangcheng Controversy Should Also Shine Light On Forced Abortions in China

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How Would You Define 'Tradition'?

Is the Super Bowl an example of "tradition"? How about China's One Child policy or the dresses worn by the indigenous Ngabes community in Panama?

China's Baby Blues

China's one child policy is creating more problems than it is solving.