'The Secret World' ARG: Lovecraftian MMO gets an alternate-reality game crafted by 'Black Watchmen'

Can you find The Revenant hidden in the pages of the diary?

'GTA Online' Gunrunning Update: Confirmed release date and new trailer for 'GTA 5' DLC

The Gunrunning update for 'GTA Online' finally has a release date — and a brand-new trailer to go along with it.

Nintendo Switch Online Service Price: $20 a year to play online and get retro games on the go

Nintendo could replace their virtual console with a subscription service option.

'Splatoon 2' headset highlights the ridiculousness of voice chat in gaming

Why do you want to talk to people while playing 'Splatoon 2' at all?

'MLB the Show 17' network error and server issues plague game's launch

Having no luck with 'MLB the Show 17' servers? You are not alone when it comes to network issues for the new game.

'Final Fantasy 14' Free Trial: Patch notes say the trial is now indefinite

The free trial of Square Enix's 'Final Fantasy 14' is no longer limited to 14 days.

'For Honor' players report "Requirements Not Met" and "Matchmaking Failed" error messages

'For Honor' players are reporting matchmaking failure error messages. Is a server overload to blame?

'Destiny 2' Release Date 2017: Activision has excellent news for 'Destiny' fans

Finally some real information about the 'Destiny 2' release date, and it's good news.

'Watch Dogs 2' genitalia removed, and seamless online multiplayer gameplay is finally live

'Watch Dogs 2' genitalia pictures: Explicit avatar model is gone, and multiplayer is finally here!

'Destiny' Halloween holiday event Festival of the Lost 2016 begins today

The coolest stuff you'll find in Festival of the Lost: masks, candy and monsters for all!

This Kinky Videogame Is Challenging How We Talk About Rape — One Spanking at a Time

There’s nothing sexier than consent.


The NSA is Spying On Xbox Live and World Of Warcraft Gamers — WTF

Government operatives have spent YEARS posing as players and conducting surveillance on Xbox Live and World of Warcraft, proving that you can, in fact, get paid to play video games.

New Ubisoft Driving Game "The Crew" On Now

A HUGE new driving game from Ubisoft is on stage now. According to the developers, they have over 10 cities in the game, all the size of GTA IV's Liberty City.