Niagara Falls is more than a pretty sight — for decades, it was a path to freedom for slaves

The popular tourist site was home to a network of abolitionists and an escape route for slaves.

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One minute workouts? Sign us up.

Canada Will Experiment With Basic Income — Giving Out Salaries Just for Being Human

It's the most Canadian plan we've ever heard.


17 Perfect Tweets Sum Up Why We Need to Teach Kids About Sex

"I #supportsexed because some questions are impossible to ask your parents."

Two Amazing 13-Year-Olds Are Single-Handedly Changing the Way Teens Learn About Sex

"My dress is not a yes!"


9 Chilling Photos From This Week’s Deadly New York Snowstorm

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Taylor Swift Just Accidentally Released 8 Seconds of Nothing — And Still Topped the Charts

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Scientists Have Figured Out How to Make Water Do the Impossible

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There's a Scientific Reason Why Everyone Thinks Don Draper Is so Cool

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The Great Lakes Are Over 90% Frozen and Could Break a Record This Week

It's been a long winter.


This Agency Would Rather Spend Taxpayer Money On Booze and Parties Than The Poor

Yet another government agency that uses our money to party. Why is it happening? Can it be stopped?

Detroit Bankrupt: To See Detroit's Decline, Look at 40 Years Of Federal Policy

In 1960, the richest per capita city in America was Detroit. But 50 years of federal regulation changed Detroit from the richest city in America to a bankrupt ghost town.

Quebec Train Explosion: Who Profits By Delaying Oil Pipelines?

Transporting oil by pipeline is much safer than by train. However, some self-interests hate it and do everything they can to stop their construction.

Canada Day 2013: 15 Things to Thank Canada For On Canada Day

O Canada! July 1 is Canada Day, and we want to honor our neighbor. Here are fifteen great reasons to say thank you to Canada.


Tax Free NY: No State Taxes Isn't Upstate New York's Solution, Seceding From NYC is

Tax-free zones and other gimmicks aren't what upstate New York needs. Upstate New York can only recover and thrive if it gets independence.

Can Canada Prevent Muslim Women From Wearing the Niqab in Court?

Muslim women are allowed to don the niqab to court, if they can prove their religious beliefs.

Canada Terrorist Attack: Chiheb Esseghaier and Raed Jaser Planned to Attack Rail Line

Chiheb Esseghaier and Raed Jaser were arrested in Quebec and Ontario for conspiring to attack a VIA rail line of a passenger train between New York and Canada.

Voter Turnout in Election 2012: Likely to Plummet

Potentially less than 50% might come out to vote on Tuesday. Is American democracy in crisis?

Should We Leave it to the Free Market to Create Jobs?

The recession has forced governments to reduce expenditures. One job in a rural town holds more value than one job in a metropolis; the cost/ benefit analysis of public assets must reflect this.


Ontario Mega Quarry Brings Out Foodie, Environmental, and Farm Activists

A broad coalition of activists — farmers, Toronto chefs, urban locavores, and environmentalists — has mobilized against a proposed mega quarry in Ontario, Canada.

E-Democracy: The Answer to Voter Apathy

The internet and e-forums can help overcome voter apathy and enable citizens to participate in the democratic process.