What does “nationalist” mean?

The racist subtext of this message is clear — and is heard quite clearly by those who are attuned to its frequency.

Rep. Eric Swalwell: John McCain left a roadmap, let’s honor him by following it

Senator McCain was a man of action, and we should honor him with action.

Opinion: Why this gun owner turned in his AR-15

“I’m tired of seeing people die.”

James Franco’s handling of these sexual misconduct allegations isn’t heroic — it’s manipulative

The Golden Globe-winning actor said recently that he won't "actively refute" claims that he's behaved inappropriately, but describes the accounts as "not accurate."

Why do white people still not get that cultural appropriation isn’t ever cultural appreciation?

You can't marginalize people from other cultures and then expect them to applaud when you make their food or clothing a passing fad.

Rihanna will look better and be better than you no matter her weight. End of discussion.

People tried to body-shame Rihanna, and that's just not acceptable. Not on our watch.


Online Surveillance Scares Us From Speaking Out — Political Minorities Especially

Mass surveillance can lead to dangerous conformity.

Our Generation Knows the Truth About Journalism

Bias is real, so let's start there.

SCOTUS Live Blog: Making Judicial Opinions Interesting Since 2002

SCOTUSblog, which is solely dedicated to covering Supreme Court decisions, garners 500,000 views daily. Who said judicial opinions couldn't be fun.


June 13 Supreme Court Decisions: What to Expect

Three Supreme Court decisions will be handed down on June 13 and here's what to expect.

Kate Upton is As Fat As Barack Obama is Muslim

Famed model and blond beauty Kate Upton has faced recent scrutiny by the blog Skinny Gossip, which accuses her of being a fat "piggie." Do women have the authority to scrutinize other women?