Jamie Lee Curtis reveals her past opioid addiction: “No one knew. No one.”

"Getting sober remains my single greatest accomplishment," Curtis said in a new interview.


Recovery: All in the family

Society often views those living with addiction as lacking will power, or as having a preventable weakness. But studies have shown that addiction is a disease.

Recovery: ‘A part of this forever’

Addiction isn’t a one-size-fits-all disease. And often for those in its grip, normality is a façade. To break it involves trust in oneself, and trust in others for help.

Recovery: From addiction, a brotherhood forms

The men who come to work on Hope Farm all have had different journeys and experiences with opioid abuse. But they’re all looking towards the same horizon: recovery.

Trump advocates the death penalty for drug dealers in wide-ranging Pennsylvania speech

Trump discussed the ongoing drug crisis, North Korea and his 2020 campaign slogan in the free-wheeling speech.

‘Heroin(e)’ director Elaine McMillon Sheldon wants to change the way we understand addiction

We talked with the filmmaker behind the Oscar-nominated short 'Heroin(e)' about what she hopes her film accomplishes.


Life after addiction: One year after an opioid overdose video went viral

'Mic' and 'Time' magazine followed two recovering opioid addicts amid America's worsening drug epidemic.

How Trump’s plan to help opioid addicts is at odds with his own Justice Department

Trump said he wants to help opioid addicts. But Attorney General Jeff Sessions reimplemented mandatory minimums that will jail nonviolent drug addicts.

More than 2 months after declaring an opioid crisis, Trump appears to have decided how to proceed

As with health care, tax reform and a host of other initiatives, Trump’s rhetoric on opioids has been long detached from his administration’s policy initiatives.

Report: Trump will fall short of declaring opioid crisis a national emergency, breaking a promise

Public health emergencies and national emergencies are two different things.

Dear President Trump: Don’t ignore the successes of opioid treatment in cities like mine

We cannot arrest our way out of the nation's drug epidemic. But my city of Huntington, West Virginia, is pioneering new approaches.

Donald Trump on opioids: “We’re going to make it a national emergency”

"It’s an emergency. We’re going to spend a lot of time, a lot of effort and a lot of money on the opioid crisis."

Opioid addiction diagnoses have spiked nearly 500% in just 7 years, study shows

The use of medication-assisted treatments has gone up too, but that number is far outpaced by the rate of opioid addiction diagnoses.

Stark report on opioid epidemic shows what's at stake in Trump's budget cuts

Trump's budget calls for a 95% cut to drug control agencies at the same time opioid ER visits have risen over 99%.

Trump launches opioid committee after GOP tried to slash substance abuse treatment funding

The GOP health care plan would have kicked off many who receive opioid treatment through Obamacare.

Jeff Sessions says the drug war of the '80s and '90s worked. It didn't.

Sessions fondly remembers the policies that disproportionally landed people of color in prison. We're still suffering from them.


Medical marijuana may be slowing down the opioid epidemic

Nine states will weigh marijuana initiatives this November.

President Obama and Macklemore Just Released a PSA About America's Opioid Epidemic

Opioid addiction now kills more people than traffic accidents.

Law Professor Highlights Big Double Standard in How We Treat Opioid Versus Crack Addiction

In the last decade, 90% of Americans who tried heroin for the first time were white.