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"I am determined to keep doing things, keep creating and keep supporting. If we are silent, they win."

Entire Seattle football team kneels during national anthem in solidarity with Kaepernick

The Garfield High School Bulldogs and their entire coaching staff took the knee during their season opener.

Colin Kaepernick remains seated during 28th Annual Salute to the Military at 49ers game

The 49ers quarterback remained steadfast in his decision to refuse to stand during the national anthem.

49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick sat during national anthem to protest American racism

Kaepernick is in hot water for practicing his constitutional rights.

After Rachel Dolezal, Conservative Trolls Are Having a Field Day With 'Transracial'

"Transracial" and "transethnic" don't mean what you think they mean.

One Country Is Extremely Worried About 'The Hunger Games' Sparking a Revolution

Following in Katniss' footsteps.


A Letter to the Privileged: You May Feel Guilt, But Don't Deserve Sympathy

Privileged people have no right to complain.

My Generation Is Clueless About Government Oppression

And I am clueless about resistance.

Gun Control 2013: Instead of Universal Background Checks, Require Non-Existent Background Checks [satire]

Senator Manchin wants to push for universal background checks when what he should be doing is advocating the removal of all background checks.

New Year's Resolutions: Top 5 For Every Progressive Activist

These five resolutions should help you to be a better progressive in 2013. Now get to work!


Glee’s “The Spanish Teacher” Shows Why Ethnic Studies Matters

The purpose of ethnic studies is not to reveal white oppression, but rather to reveal the contributions, histories, worldviews, and moral and political worth of people of color.

Why Martin Luther King Jr. Would Not Get Along With Mitt Romney or Barack Obama

Were MLK alive today, he would find no friends in the American political establishment.