This Week in Food and Travel: Cage-free eggs will soon be an industry standard

The week was packed with election-related news, but you may have missed this tidbit.

The most important item on Oprah’s Favorite Things list is a 3-way lasagna pan

And when you cook with the lasagna pan, you can envision yourself cooking like Oprah might.

Today in Trump’s America: Trump goes full racist in news conference on immigration

Trump said a migrant caravan filled with “strong men” were planning an “invasion” of the U.S., and border patrol agents and military may shoot if caravan members throw rocks at them.

Oprah, Will Ferrell, LeBron James: These celebs are really getting out the vote for Nov. 6

Here are some of the stars who have been putting their famous faces to work to get Americans to the polls.

This Week in Food and Travel: The problem with the Weight Watchers rebrand

Weight Watchers' rebrand, women in the restaurant industry, issues of race in New York City's gay community and more.

There’s one major issue with the Weight Watchers rebrand — it still ignores the meaning of wellness

The new Weight Watchers wants to take the focus off weight. Will it work?


Trump advocates the death penalty for drug dealers in wide-ranging Pennsylvania speech

Trump discussed the ongoing drug crisis, North Korea and his 2020 campaign slogan in the free-wheeling speech.

Mic Wakeup: From gray hair to inclusive superheroes to better Barbies, women had a great week

It’s Friday, Jan. 26. Here are three stories you need to read.

A visual history of Oprah posing with giant baskets of vegetables on Instagram

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Bread Enthusiast Oprah Winfrey Plans to Launch a Food Empire

You get an apple and YOU get an apple!

4 Strange and Wonderful Women's Health Facts About the Vagina and Uterus

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9 Ridiculous Facts About How Rich Oprah Winfrey Is

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Commencement Speeches 2013: 5 Greatest Speakers in Graduation History

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Lance Armstrong, Oprah Winfrey Interviews: A Smart PR Move That Turned Out Badly

Oprah Winfrey is the queen of the celebrity confessional. But Lance Armstrong's appearance on Oprah only made matters worse for the disgraced cyclist.

Obama vs Romney Celebrity Endorsements: Why Stars Continue to Shine in Election 2012

Celebrity cheerleaders for American presidential candidates generally provoke mixed reactions. But these cheerleaders bring with them potential voters, lots of money, and get people talking.


Oprah, Sean Penn and 64 Million Everyday People Are Doing Good For the World

Sixty-four million Americans gave 8.1 billion hours of volunteer service last year. They're doing good in new ways for local, national, global causes.