This misandrist zebra shark had babies without a mate

Ladies, leave your men at home.

3.7 billion-year-old fossils uncovered in Greenland are maybe the oldest signs of life

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Zika virus could be more harmful than we thought

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Scientists Found a Molecule in Space That Could Help Us Figure Out the Origins of Life

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Scientists Detected the Key Ingredients for Life in a Comet's Atmosphere

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Researchers Have Figured Out Why Your Nose Looks the Way It Does

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99.999% of Earth’s Species Are Still Undiscovered

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Scientists Just Created Synthetic Life With the World's Smallest Genome

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How Long Does Organic Makeup Last? Here's How to Keep Your Paraben-Free Makeup Fresh

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New Study Shows How People Who Vape May Be Making Themselves Sick

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Here's How Scientists Would Gene Edit Human Embryos

Today could be the day that changes human gene editing forever.

How Gene Editing Could Be Agriculture's Next Big Bang

Eat your genetically edited vegetables!


Walking Fish, Noseless Monkey and 200 More New Species Discovered in Himalayan Mountains

Ever wonder what a noseless monkey looked like?

Tree of Life: One Chart Shows How Every Known Species Ever Is Related

Here's what 3.5 billion years of life looks like so far.

A Computer Just Solved a Problem That’s Stumped Scientists for 120 Years

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8 Wild Creatures We Never Knew Existed — Before This Year

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Your Genes May Be Part Mom, Part Dad and Part Bacteria

You have your father's eyes... and your mother's bacteria.

The Case for Settling for Mr. OK Instead of Waiting for Mr. Right, According to Science

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Discovered: A Virus That Might Make You Stupid

This explains a lot.

Scientists Have Learned How to Reconstruct Faces From DNA Samples

Whether it's the mystery of "whodunnit" or a mystery of the past, DNA may just be the right key to solving many of our problems.

Scientists Have Revived a 1,600-Year Old Organism That Was Frozen Beneath Antarctica

This totally challenges our notions of "living and dead."


New Discovered Bacteria Could Be the Oldest Evidence Of Life On Earth

Or in other news: life on Earth began a really, really long time ago.

Winners of the Nobel Prize For Chemistry Don't Get the Attention They Deserve

Michael Lebitt, Martin Karplus, and Arieh Warshel receive the Nobel Prize for Chemistry for their work in modeling molecules with computer programs. Their work revolutionized molecular biology.

This Sea Creature is Taking Over the World

Strong evidence suggests that the ecosystem is plagued by stinging sea creatures. Global jellyfish booms may be caused by pollution, global warming, and human behavior amongst other factors.

Scientists Find Evidence of Alien Life — But Not So Fast

A new experiment conducted by British scientists show that there may be extraterrestrial life that originated from space.