FBI investigating explosion outside Air Force recruiting center near Tulsa, Okla. as domestic terror

An explosion rocked an Air Force recruiting center near Tulsa, Oklahoma, late Monday evening.

Donald Trump Jr.’s lawyer Alan Futerfas represented New York mafia families

Futerfas' prior clients include alleged members of the Colombo, Gambino and Genovese crime families.

Facebook vows to fight Islamic terror — while ignoring the threat of white nationalism

A much older and more costly threat is lurking closer to home.

Trump says he "feels completely and totally vindicated" by Comey testimony — through his lawyer

The FBI director's full testimony will air on Thursday morning.

Comey will testify on Trump Russia investigation on June 8

The former FBI director's long-awaited testimony finally has a date.

James Comey acted to protect the email inquiry based on information he knew was false

The former FBI director worried about the integrity of the Justice department.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions says law enforcement will "demolish" deadly MS-13 gang

Critics of the Trump administration say this isn't just about violent criminals.

What does MS-13 stand for? 5 facts to know about the international criminal gang

One of the world's deadliest gangs is being used as political fodder for the Trump administration.

Russia Investigation: Latest updates on the FBI probe into the Trump circle's alleged ties

What to know about the FBI's major investigation into Trump's Russia ties.

Donald Trump nearly met with alleged Russian mafia kingpin Alexander Torshin

The meeting was called off at the last minute after a Trump staffer noticed Alexander Torshin's "baggage."

Michael Flynn wants immunity. By his and Team Trump's standards, that equates to guilt.

“When you are given immunity, that means you probably committed a crime,” Flynn said in September.

Men who planned mosque bombing called for 'bloodbath,' stalked Muslim women with guns

The details of the planned mosque bombing in Kansas are a harrowing account of attempted islamophobic domestic terrorism.

Dahir A. Adan named as Minnesota mall stabbing perpetrator

Adan stabbed nine people on Saturday before being fatally shot by an off-duty police officer.

FBI May Have Tried to "Lure" Omar Mateen Into a Terror Plot Years Before Orlando Shooting

FBI agents monitored Orlando shooter Omar Mateen as a terrorist suspect during 2013 and 2014.

The FBI Wants a Tattoo Surveillance Algorithm to Identify and Classify You

The feds have figured out how to "cluster" you based on your ink.

The FBI Thwarted a Plot to Bomb a Florida Synagogue

Authorities have arrested the suspect.

Paris Gunfire Has Two Men on the Run in Bastille District

Shots were fired Thursday in the Bastille area of Paris.

Who Is ‘The Departed’ Based on? Jack Nicholson's Character Inspired by Real-Life Mob Boss

Basically, the same Mafia boss as Johnny Depp in Black Mass.

FBI Investigating "Act of Terrorism" in San Bernardino Shooting

A motive is still unclear.


Jared Fogle's Childhood Obesity Foundation Never Issued a Single Grant

Tens of thousands of dollars are still unaccounted for.

Everyone Is Looking at This Sign From the Chattanooga Shooting

The first debate is emerging.

Wild Gunfight in Waco Between Rival Biker Gangs Leaves 9 Dead

Police say the brawl began as a fistfight and spiraled out of control when gang members drew weapons and a SWAT team arrived.

Meet the Badass, Tattooed Army Vet Who's Hunting Down Poachers in Africa

Taking on a growing problem.


Three New Yorkers Arrested for Attempting to Join ISIS Are Only the Latest to Try

Twenty people in the U.S. have faced charges for planning to fight with militant groups in Iraq.

These Beauty Queens’ Brutal Murders Expose a Huge Problem No One Is Talking About

Their violent deaths aren't isolated anomalies.

The FBI Is Creating Fake News Now, Too

Big Brother is always watching ... and writing bogus news stories.

Watch People Get Arrested and Sleep in Garbage Bags, All for the iPhone 6

This has to be seen to be believed.