These are the Oscar “firsts” that we’re still waiting for

Here are just a few of the historic firsts we want to see happen.

Award Coverage Presented by Hulu

Award Coverage Presented by Hulu

2016 Oscars Were Somehow the Blackest of All Time — But Chris Rock Failed in One Key Way

"It seemed like more black entertainers were employed during Sunday's Oscars than the rest of the year combined."

Why Did ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Win So Many Oscars? Because It Was Actually Inclusive

You probably noticed 'Mad Max: Fury Road' crushed it at the 2016 Oscars.

Kesha Update: Singer Thanks Lady Gaga for Her Moving Oscars Performance on Sexual Assault

Lady Gaga is supporting Kesha unapologetically, and the singer is taking notice.

Women and People of Color Did OK at the Oscars — Just Not in the Top Categories

It's still not a massive improvement.

Lady Gaga May Not Have Won the Oscar, But She Won the Night

Gaga for president of the Academy.

The 7 Facts That Show Why Oscar Winners Were All About Climate Change

Global warming affects everyone — even Academy Award winners.

Sacha Baron Cohen and the Other Oscar Moments That Had Us Groaning

Proving the Oscar's diversity problem extends way beyond black people.

The 7 Best (Sometimes Controversial) Chris Rock Jokes From the 2016 Oscars

Chris Rock didn't pull punches at the 88th annual Academy Awards show.

Lady Gaga's New Album Is in the Works, Singer Talks Music on the 2016 Oscars Red Carpet

Looks like Lady Gaga is joining the wave of pop music in 2016, with a brand-new album.

Leonardo DiCaprio's 2016 Oscars Acceptance Speech Includes a Call to End Climate Change

Leonardo DiCaprio uses his first Oscar win to address climate change.

OK, but What Is a 'Revenant'? The Meaning Behind Oscars 2016 Best Picture Nominee Title

Derived from the French term revenir, here's the literal meaning of 'The Revenant.'

Here Are Some of the Out Gay People Who Won Oscars Before Sam Smith

There have been a few.

‘Spotlight’ Wins Best Picture at 2016 Oscars

The compelling drama around the Catholic Church's child sex-abuse scandal took home the Oscars' biggest prize.

Finally, Leonardo DiCaprio Wins Best Actor at the Oscars for 'The Revenant'

Finally, after all these years, the Oscar goes to Leonardo DiCaprio.

Brie Larson Wins Oscar for Best Actress

For her "Brie-lliant" performance in 'Room.'

Joe Biden Asked Oscar Viewers to Fight Rape Culture on College Campuses

"We must and we can change the culture."

Lady Gaga's Powerful 2016 Oscars Performance Got a Standing Ovation From Twitter

Lady Gaga wows the world with her Oscars performance of 'Til It Happens.'

Chris Rock Asked Black People What They Thought About #OscarsSoWhite

Are these movies in London and stuff?

The Weeknd's Hair Gets the Twitter Treatment During 2016 Oscars Performance

The Weeknd's Oscars performance hairstyle reminds Twitter of many things.

All Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling Fans Want Is a 'Notebook' Moment at the 2016 Oscars

All people want out of Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams is another 'The Notebook.'

Chris Rock Had Girl Scouts Sell Cookies at the 2016 Academy Awards

The audience probably has a few bucks to spend.