'Overwatch' "Uprising" Comic: New Omnic crisis comic shows up early on Madefire

A new 'Overwatch' comic came out that appears to reveal a new Tracer skin.

Pro-Palestinian protesters blew a shofar at Trump's pick for ambassador to Israel

Friedman apologized for some incendiary positions — and stuck with others.

Nikki Haley thinks this Palestinian shouldn't work at the UN just because he's Palestinian

Even Israeli officials like Salam Fayyad, but he's too Palestinian for the Trump administration.

Kal Penn donates $25K to Palestinian refugees after 'MasterChef Celebrity Showdown' win

In 2016, about 1,300 Palestinians were displaced by Israeli demolitions.

Here's what the world is missing in its tributes to Shimon Peres

The late Israeli statesman's legacy? It's complicated.


Shimon Peres, former Israeli prime minister and president, dies at 93

Peres cultivated a reputation as a peacemaker in his later years, though much of his career was mired in controversy.

Bernie Sanders Is the First Presidential Candidate to Show Sympathy for Palestinians

"We are going to have to treat the Palestinian people with respect and dignity."

Shimon Peres on Donald Trump, Fighting ISIS and Peace in the Middle East

There are few world leaders with a longer résumé than Shimon Peres.

Palestinian Youth Break Through Separation Wall to Remind World of Their Own "Berlin Wall"

Twenty-five years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Palestinians have a message.

Pope Francis Has a Strong Message for Israel and Palestine

An emotional plea from the Vatican.

The Psychologically Proven Way to Win an Argument Every Time

Don't debate your opponent. Trick them.

One Chart Captures the Harrowing Cost of the Gaza Conflict

This really puts the conflict in perspective.

Here's What Scarlett Johansson Doesn't Get About Israeli Settlements

No amount of glitzy PR can mask the fact that Sodastream is violating international law.

5 Moments Show the Truth About Ariel Sharon the Mainstream Media Probably Won’t Tell You

Many have rushed to praise the Israeli leader, but there's a different side to his legacy that Palestinians know all too well.

The History of Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks in 13 Photos

Here's a photo guide to all the clasped hands and awkward glances that have taken place at Israel-Palestine peace talks.


Iran Sanctions Bill Could Be An Ingenious Exercise in Diplomacy

As the Senate readies sanctions against Iran, Obama looks like a hero. And maybe that's the point.

5 things I Would Love to See Obama and Netanyahu Address in Their Upcoming Meeting

Here are 5 things I hope the two leaders discuss Monday at the White House.

One Solution to the Israel-Palestine Conflict No One is Talking About But Should

Ten years after his death, professor Edward Said's thoughts on Israel-Palestinian relations are more relevant than ever.

A Timeline of Israeli Settlements for Everyone Who Thinks They Don't Matter

The recent announcement of further settlement construction in the West Bank may undercut peace negotiations, but also threatens to undercut the very viability of a future Palestinian state.

This Map Of Israel Proves Israel is Doing Something Highly Illegal

The announcement of 900 new Israeli settlements casts a dark shadow over the first peace talks in three years.Is the building of these settlements really illegal?


Middle Eastern Peace Talks May Work This Time — Here's Why

The current round of Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations is distinguished from previous ones by two things: Palestinian bids for statehood at the UN, and the Arab Spring

Israeli-Palestinian Talks Just Began, and the Hardliners Are Already Pulling Out

Not all stakeholders on the ground are enamored of Kerry's efforts to bring a final settlement to Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and some powerful factions are refusing to join in

Can FC Barcelona Seriously Bring Peace to the Middle East?

Renowned Spanish soccer club FC Barcelona headed to Israel and Palestine on a "Sport & Peace Tour."

3 Reasons John Kerry's New Peace Talks Won't Go Well For the Palestinians

The so-called peace process is inherently biased towards Israel and spells nothing but disaster for Palestine. Here's the top three reasons why.

Mic Check: How Bradley Manning Became the Most Unusual Revolutionary in American History

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring my take on the world's top news and some of the best links from around the web.

Former Pink Floyd Frontman Protests Israel in Shockingly Anti-Semitic Way

Roger Waters probably thinks he's being profound, too.

Israeli-Palestinian Talks May Be Different This Time — But Probably Not

Israeli and Palestinian officials resumed face-to-face talks on Monday for the first time in five years. It remains unlikely this peace process will yield results.

John Kerry Takes Small But Essential First Step For the Two-State Solution

Secretary of State John Kerry's attempts at restarting the peace process between Israel and Palestine might not go anywhere fast, but it's a necessary first step for regional security.

Naftali Bennett: The Israel-Palestine Two State Solution Is Dead

Recent comments by Israeli Minister of Industry and Trade Naftali Bennett, although controversial, seem to be accurate: the Two State Solution is dead.