The Islamic State has fully withdrawn from Syria's Aleppo province, report says

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'Battlefield 1: In the Name of the Tsar' Release Date: When is the Russian Army DLC coming out?

The next 'Battlefield 1' DLC will take us to the frigid Eastern Front of World War I. Read on to see when it's coming out and what it'll bring.

ISIS Has a New Plan to Raise Money — Parking Tickets

How do you say 'alternate side parking' in Arabic?

Obama's Refusal to Call the Murder of 1.5 Million Armenians "Genocide" Is Reprehensible

It's hard to say "never again" when you refuse to admit genocide happened in the first place.


Archaeologists Believe They've Uncovered the 'Dungeon' of Dracula

We now know where Vlad the Impaler spent his early years.

The U.S. and U.K. Are Assembling 'Task Force Black' to Take on the Islamic State

This may be the most badass special ops team ever.

Insurgents Are Posting Bizarre Instagram Pictures From Iraq and Syria

Cats, guns, and more filtered scenes from the front lines of Iraq's escalating crisis.

How the British Screwed Up the Middle East, in 10 Classic Cartoons

The sun may have set on the Empire, but its impact is still felt in the region today.


Before-and-After Photos Show What 9 Cities Looked Like Before They Were Destroyed by War

These places were once beautiful – before we destroyed them.

This is What 'The O.C.' Looks Like On Turkish TV

Warner Bros. has become the first production company to partner with a Turkish television station and adapt an American show for a Middle Eastern audience.

Meet Syria's Christians — and Learn What the West Gets Wrong About Them

Regional Christians are not the dwindling, passive community portrayed by the media. Their politics are often directly opposed to Western policy as well.

Things That Only Kids of Lebanese Immigrants Understand

Did you know that some of the most successful immigrants are of Lebanese descent?


5 Dinner Party Rules For Discussing the Syria Crisis

Over the last two weeks, Syria has become a hot topic of conversation as a possible U.S. military intervention looms. Here are some tips to manage the issue in a social setting.

13 Infamous Massacres That the U.S. Did Nothing About

Many want the U.S. to intervene in Syria for humanitarian reasons. This is a dubious reason, considering how many other massacres have happened without any U.S. intervention at all.

Kosovo is the Model For U.S. War With Syria, Forget About What Happened in Iraq

No one wants a repeat of Iraq, but it would be a bigger mistake to let these scars keep us out of Syria. We shouldn't forget that there are virtues to humanitarian intervention.

The Scary Way War With Syria Might Turn Into Iraq 2.0

A letter from far-right conservatives urging Obama to intervene in Syria is a sign that neoconservative agendas for the Middle East did not end with the Bush administration.

3 Arab Artists Beautifully Portraying Life in the Middle East

To celebrate the start of Ramadan, here are some Muslim artists who are giving us a glimpse into the Muslim world.

Taksim Square Protest: These Crazy Conspiracy Theories Show the Turkish Government Has Lost It

The government's photo-shopping skills are questioned and the mayor of Ankara accuses a BBC reporter of espionage. Another day in Absurdistan.

Bashar Al-Assad: Syria's Civil War Will Last At Least a Decade, And There Is Nothing The U.S. Can Do About It

Syria's conflict is an ethnic war parallel to the 15-year civil war in Lebanon and the decade-long conflict in Iraq.

'Magnificent Century' TV Show: Middle East and Balkans Are Soaking Up Turkish Soap Operas

One of the new and unexpected cultural trends spreading across the Middle East and the European Balkans is the reemergence of Ottoman culture through soap operas.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev: Was He Named After Islamic Ruler Tamerlane?

One of the people accused in the Boston Marathon bombing is named after a Muslim conqueror. Instead of jumping to conclusions about Islamic terrorism, let's just learn some history.

Syria Civil War: U.S.-Backed Iraq Government Attacks U.S.-Backed Syrian Rebels

Iraqi forces have attacked Free Syrian Army positions inside Syria, posing a major problem for the Obama administration.

Muhtesem Yuzyil: Why Prime Minister Erdogan is at War With Turkey's Top Soap Opera

Turkey's prime minister Tayyip Erdogan is spending a lot of political time and capital to ban the soap opera 'Muhtesem Yuzyil.' With so much going on in the country, why is he focusing on this?

Syria Civil War: Why We Should Reconsider Kicking Bashar Assad Out, and Consider the Russian Stance on Syria

The infiltration of radical Islamist foreign fighters into Syria puts into question the entire reason for the Syrian civil war. It's time to reconsider Bashar Assad.

Burgas Bulgaria Terror Attack Could Ignite War in the Middle East

The bus explosions in Burgas, Bulgaria, killed 7 Israelis and injured 30. This may be the beginning of a larger scale international conflict, and yet is one more reason to keep diplomacy going.

Happy Independence Day: How 15 Different Countries Celebrate Their Independence

The U.S. isn't the only country to celebrate its independence with a bang. Here are 15 countries from around the world that honor liberty with festivals, music, and more.