'Beyond Good and Evil 2' Gameplay: Ubisoft reveals open-world solar system, customizable characters

'Beyond Good and Evil 2' features a solar system whose planets rotate in real time.

A bunch of worms went to space in the name of human health

Some spontaneously divided into two, and another grew an extra head.

Astronauts are growing space crystals that could save your life someday

They're not just pretty rocks. They can help treat serious diseases.

Asgardia, explained: Everything we know about the would-be sovereign space nation of the future

Asgardia has a 13-month calendar, a constitution, a national anthem — and 500,000 applications for citizenship.

The Asgardia space nation is making a big announcement. Here's what we know so far.

Scientists are legitimately trying to make a new society in space. They even have a constitution.

Freeze-dried sperm stored in space just created healthy mice babies on Earth

We're one step closer to building a human society in outer space.

A teenager designed a pocket-sized satellite that will fly on a NASA mission

The satellite will measure the rotation, acceleration and magnetosphere of the Earth.

Viewers are divided on whether Saturn's moon looks like an eyeball or Death Star in new photo

Check out this stunning new image of Tethys, Saturn's fifth-largest moon.

Rare, recently discovered comet visible for the first time this month

Catch it while you can because it won't be back for thousands of years.

NASA's "Space Poop Challenge" is paying for your thoughts on upgrading its crappy system

Zero G presents a lot of... logistical quandaries.

President Barack Obama says we'll send people to Mars by 2030s

President Barack Obama says we're going to Mars. Here's how.


Lisa Frank Coloring Books Are Coming Back — This Time for Adults

All hail rainbow unicorns.

NASA Is Developing an Electric-Powered X-Plane Nicknamed "Maxwell"

It won't produce any carbon emissions.

Radioactive Iron From Exploding Stars Could Be Raining Down on You Right Now

Radioactive iron isotopes are falling from the sky, but don't sweat it.

NASA Is Testing a Propulsion System That Could Dramatically Speed Up Space Exploration

Why not use the awesome power of the sun to our advantage?

NASA Is About to Light the Biggest Human-Made Space Fire Ever

Here's why it matters.

Adele Got a Message From an Astronaut at the Brit Awards and It Made Her Cry

Adele's night at the Brit Awards was out of this world.

Here’s What the First Flower Grown in Space Looks Like

One giant leaf for mankind.

David Bowie's Death: Fans Go to Twitter to Wish Major Tom "Safe Travels"

Fans are commemorating David Bowie with Major Tom references.

NASA News: Here's a Photo of Christmas Pluto, and More Holidays Greetings From Space

Space is celebrating Christmas with Earth this holiday season.

With a Historic Landing, SpaceX Just Ushered Us Into the Future of Space Flight

And here's why you shouldn't believe everything Jeff Bezos tweets.

NASA 3D-Printed a Rocket Engine — Here's How It Works

Yup, NASA is building a 3D printed rocket engine.

First Private Moon Launch Scheduled for 2017

SpaceIL is planning to do something incredible in 2017.

Amazon's CEO Just Made a Huge Announcement About the Future of Space Travel

After a decade of silence, Cape Canaveral will again shake with the roar of rocket engines.

How 3-D Printing Could Power Our First Colony in Space

Congratulations, humanity: We may have just found the answer to overpopulation.

Amateur Astronauts Sent the First Doughnut into Space — And It's All on Video

One small step for donuts, one giant leap for delicious pastries.

#TheNextFrontier Will Visualize the Minds of Different Personalities

Sponsored by GE | These videos dive deeper into the minds of creatives, optimists and more, helping to visualize the brain in new ways.