Weeks after being warned about Hatch Act, Trump social media guru may have crossed the line again

A former Obama White House lawyer says Trump aide Dan Scavino Jr. may have erred once more.

Trump has spent $133,000 of taxpayer money on White House furnishings since January

From inauguration to May, Trump apparently spent more than twice as much on office furnishings as his predecessor.

Trump's lawyers are reportedly trying to stop him from getting in touch with Michael Flynn

President Donald Trump reportedly feels bad for the former national security adviser and wants to "reach out."

Will Trump help more women get elected to office?

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No, Kellyanne Conway, it is never OK to put your shoes on the Oval Office couch

We know you wanted to get a good picture, but girl, come on.

Kellyanne Conway put her feet on the Oval Office couch — and people have feelings about it

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Donald Trump’s attacks on the media should have everyone terrified — here’s why

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If he wins, Donald Trump will be the oldest president elected in US history

The 2016 election features two of the oldest major-party nominees ever.

Weiner For Mayor: Can Politicians Who Cheat On Their Wives Still Be Feminists?

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Introducing the Rebel Leader: And Interview With PolicyMic's Jesse Merkel, a Passionate Mitt Romney Fan

The following is an interview given by PolicyMic Editor Jordan Wolf to Pundit Jesse Merkel, the current "Rebel Leader" on the site.