China Just Ended Its One-Child Policy — Here's What That Means

RIP 1979-2015


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We're all about to get really hungry.

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Young men are closely associated with "revolutions, wars and upheavals."

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This Georgia Supermarket Just Threw Away Thousands Of Groceries

Many watched in horror Thursday as thousands of groceries from Laney Supermarket in Augusta, Ga., were discarded into dumpsters. Up to 50% of edible food is wasted annually, and this has to stop.


Take Free Markets Out of Global Development

From the 1960s Green Revolution through present-day agricultural development efforts, the market rationale has remained central, at the expense of the world's poorest.

7 Billion Humans? Don't Panic Yet

As the population hits 7 billion, concerns are being raised about how to control the population and facilitate equitable and stable development.

China's Baby Blues

China's one child policy is creating more problems than it is solving.

The Politics of Starvation: Food Security = National Security

Failed states like Somalia are more vulnerable to food crises, which fuel instability among their people, deepening the political vacuum.