Chinese student starts #ChineseLivesMatter petition after United drags Asian man off plane

People in China are furious over the United Airlines incident.

'Pokémon Go' APK 0.61.0: What's new in the latest update?

There's a new APK for patch 0.61.0 of 'Pokémon Go', which means more insight into what's to come for the mobile game.

Walmart and China just sent Donald Trump a big SOS on free trade

Walmart announced 10,000 new jobs today but they could already be in trouble.

A major Chinese website sent a hoax to its users to fuel support for Trump in China

The fake news blast said American protestors were using racial slurs against Chinese people.

China Is Creating a Thoughtcrime-Predicting Surveillance System for Its Citizens

And we're the ones who taught them how.


The Top Leaders in China and America LOVE 'House of Cards'

So what does that tell us about the people running these countries?

This Study Shows What the Chinese Really Think Of America

They don't trust us, but that's not the whole story.

This is What China's Smog Problem Looks Like From Space

It's blotting out the sun and the Chinese government thinks it's a joke.

5 Reasons China's Smog is Good For the Chinese People, According to China

Here's what the Chinese government says about the country's smog problem.

'So Young' Is A Beautiful Love Story for Chinese-Americans

So Young's message of lost youth is a must-see for Chinese-American millennials.

Chinatown Isn't For Chinese People Anymore

A neighborhood on the verge of losing its identity.

This is What China's Suffocating Pollution Storm Looks Like

This smog is so bad, it shut down a city larger than New York.

Your Poultry Could Be the Next Thing "Made in China," Is That Safe?

The U.S. government broke down barriers of food trade between the U.S. and China. This means Americans will see more Chinese food products. How do Americans and Chinese feel about this?

Meet "2G": China's Young, Rich, and (In)Famous Generation

China's young people may have greater freedom of expression, but they're increasingly pressured to flaunt their wealth, and conform to an extravagant lifestyle.


The World's Biggest Polluter is About to Be Its Largest Green Energy Investor

China is the world's biggest polluter. But new investments will make the country the world's biggest investor in green energy in the next five years. Will this be too little, too late?

It's No Coincidence China's Huawei Corp is Taking Over Africa's Telecommunications

Many are becoming increasingly threatened in light of Huawei's influence in Africa. Is China using Huawei's technology for espionage? Should the U.S. be concerned?

Democracy Won't "Save" Africa, the Chinese Will

While the West wrings its hands over scenes of drought and dead children and wants to “save” Ethiopia, the Chinese see a fast growing economy with 90 million consumers and business to be had.

Cyber War: China is the Cyber Espionage Capital Of the World

China has a bad reputation when it comes to cyber espionage. Now, a secret PLA unit based in Shanghai has been accused of spying on companies in critical industries in the US and worldwide.

Oscars 2013 Best Documentary: 'Searching For Sugarman'

'Searching For Sugrman' wins Best Documentary at 2013 Academy Awards.


Chen Kegui Trial Shows China Still Has Major Human Rights Issues

Due to the rapidly changing political and social landscape in China, human rights in the country deserve renewed attention.

China Passport Controversy: Disputed Territories Annexed Just Like in a Strategy Game

Newly issued Chinese passports are causing controversy because a map inside claims disputed territories as Chinese. This is typical for a country that treats diplomacy like a game.

China A to Z: Travel Guide to Understand China and All of Its Greatness

From tortoise shells used for Chinese medicine to chicken feet eaten as a local delicacy, China is a world of many different shapes, smells, tastes, and customs. Here's your A-Z guide.

China Space Race Will Not Be With NASA, But With SpaceX

It's the new race for space: China vs U.S. private companies. Who will prevail?

How Memes Help Chinese Dissidents and Chen Guangcheng Supporters Evade Censorship

In China, memes memes have not only been a vehicle for humor, but also a veil for social and political criticism.


Al-Jazeera Reporter Expelled from China: What Does This Mean for Media Relations?

Al-Jazeera English correspondent Melissa Chan was expelled from China; pundits describe the situation as a 14-year low for overseas journalists. However, Chan's case may be especially unique.

Titanic 3-D Censored in China Due to Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio Sex Scene

Titanic 3D joins a club of films that have been censored in China for "innocuous reasons." Find out why everything from Pirates of the Caribbean to Babe are seen as a threat.

Chinese New Year Should Be A Public Holiday, But It'll Never Happen

A Chinese New Year holiday would benefit Asian families, but any law mandating it will never pass.