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Going meatless for Vegetarian Awareness Month this October 2017? Here's how much money a vegetarian diet will save you each year — plus flexitarian tips and how to make the experience a delicious one.

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Body Mass Index Is Officially Over — Here's What Should Take Its Place

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The Turkish Government Is Giving Workers Extra Time in the Mornings to Hit the Gym

It makes sense for both employees and employers.

Kelly Clarkson's Response to Criticism of Her Weight Deserves a Standing Ovation

"You need to be happy with who you are and, whoever that is, let your little light shine."

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The U.S. Economy Hates Obese Women

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Cambridge Study Shows How We've Evolved Over 6,000 Years, and There's Bad News for Men

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The Controversial Way To Fight Child Obesity That Parents Hate

Schools have found a new to deal with their classes, but have they gone too far?


FVRx Program: Can a "Prescription" Of Fruits and Veggies Stop the Obesity Crisis?

New York City doctors are now prescribing fruits and vegetables to obese or overweight patients. Should other doctors follow suit?

4 Out Of 5 Americans Don't Get Recommended 2.5 Hours Exercise a Week

Almost 80% of Americans are not active enough, according to the CDC, and here's why women, Hispanics, older adults, and obese adults are even less likely to meet the guidelines.

90% of Teen Girls Have Tried Dieting — And That's a Good Thing in the Obesity Battle

Let's think less about young women's feelings, and more about their clogged arteries. If you aren't on a diet right now, you should start one.

How Cubicles Make Us Unproductive

Cubicles and shared office spaces are detrimental to productivity, and the sedentary lifestyle they promote could produce obesity and diabetes. An immobile way of life for a mobile generation?

Hospitals Are Allowed to Not Hire Fat People

Hiring policies related to weight are legal in most of the U.S. If applied with sensitivity, these policies can be gateways to recovery for the chronically obese.


Hospitals That Don't Hire Obese Employees Face a Dangerous Situation

The practice of not hiring people based on their appearance is suspect, but the practice of a Hospital using "professional appearance" to determine who to hire is downright dangerous.

In Wake of Vogue Obesity Article, What Should (or Shouldn't) Parents Do About Child Weight Issues?

Promote sound eating habits and active lifestyles to prevent childhood obesity. Should weight issues occur, resolve them with a sensitive determination that doesn't value form over substance.