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If you're thinking about purchasing a home, here's what to consider first, both financially and psychologically.

White Americans more likely to own guns, blacks more likely know someone who has been shot: study

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Here's how to protect your ownership rights.

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Worst Person Ever Just Filed a Trademark for "I Can't Breathe"

How is this real life?


Japan Has Eliminated Gun Deaths by Doing What the U.S. Won't

We can only dream of getting there.

Meet the Billboard So Offensive It Only Lasted 45 Minutes

It's pretty doubtful this actually made anyone hungry.

Women Are Being Denied the Right to Inherit Land in India

Recent reports underline the fact that despite some legal protections, women are being denied property rights in India, a problem with far-reaching implications for economic empowerment.

Gun Control Debate 2013: Mandatory Firearm Insurance is the Newest Ridiculous Proposal

The classic adage "Car owners carry insurance, why not gun owners?" vies for one of the worst thought-out arguments ever made.

Gun Background Checks: 4 Republicans Who Voted For It, And 4 Democrats Who Voted Against It

The bipartisan bill crafted by Senators Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) and Pat Toomey (R-Penn.) to expand background checks was defeated 54 -46.


Quasi-gaffes off the top of my head

Rand Paul plans to talk for "hours" during John Brennan Senate floor debate.

Republican Steve Lavin Wants to Give Corporations the Right to Vote

If Montana Representative Steve Lavin gets his way, corporations will now have the right to vote.

Ron Paul Survivalism: How to Make It Through the Coming Catastrophe

Elections and financial worries lead to upswing in rural real estate market driven by survivalist and Prepper movement.

National Defense Should Be Privatized

This article is part one of a series in which I advocate for the privatization of national defense forces.

Green Bay Packers Prove That Public Ownership of Organizations is Economical

The Packers, a publicly traded corporation owned and operated by their fans, stand in sharp contrast to NFL, NBA and MLB owners who have turned their franchises into elaborate slush funds.