"Toxic tush" doctor, a transgender woman, was just sentenced to 10 years in a men's prison

Oneal Morris will serve 10 years for practicing medicine without a license and for the 2012 manslaughter of Shatarka Nuby.


Florida governor pulls Aramis Ayala off case after she refuses to pursue the death penalty

Ayala, a state attorney, had just announced she won't seek the death penalty for anyone convicted on her watch.

Delaware prisons on lockdown after inmates reportedly take hostages

According to Delaware state Rep. William Carson, inmates have taken over a building.

Here's why the Trump administration will be good for private prisons — and bad for inmates

Jeff Sessions is a big proponent of private prisons.

Economics Nobel Prize 2016 winner Oliver Hart showed the danger of private prisons

Oliver Hart — the 2016 winner of the Nobel Prize in economics — showed the cost of private prisons.

Stocks of private prison companies are tanking after the Justice Department's announcement

Tough day for the for-profit prison industry.


The FCC Tried to Cap Rates on the Prison Industrial Complex — Here's What Happened Instead

Before, there was a victory. Instead, they compromised with corporations.

This 'Orange Is the New Black' Character's Death Was Inspired by Tragic, Real-Life Events

The character's tragic death was a combination of several high-profile killings by police.

The White House Wants to Use Artificial Intelligence to Solve Mass Incarceration

Predictive algorithms are more powerful than ever. They should help people stay out of jail.

Officer's Repeated Sexual Assaults on a Female Inmate Were Ignored, Lawsuit Alleges

Carol Crane alleges officials turned a blind eye to sexual violence against her.

The End of Prison Visitation

This is the prison industrial complex you've never heard of.


Obama Administration Calls on States for Prison Reforms to Reduce Solitary Confinement

There's a wall between federal and state laws when it comes to reforming prisons.

Prisons Collect Nearly 30,000 Water Bottles for Flint Public School Students

The inmates even opened up their wallets to fund the water drive, and they only make $1.17 a day.

What You Need to Know About Holman, the Brutal Alabama Prison Where 2 Riots Just Broke Out

Inmates have called Holman Correction Facility "the Slaughter Pen of the South."

New York State Agrees to Reform Practice of Solitary Confinement in State Prisons

"It's a holistic effort that we think will fundamentally change the culture in the prison system."


New Leaked Surveillance Footage of El Chapo's Escape Reveals Officials Lied About It

It's like something out of 'Shawshank.'

Bernie Sanders Plans to Introduce a Bill Banning For-Profit Prisons

It's an issue that doesn't get the attention it deserves.

Hackers and Criminals Are Having Way More Fun With Drones Than the Rest of Us

A drone carrying weed and heroin just landed in the middle of a prison yard. Then sh*t got crazy.

This Ivy League University Just Took a Huge Step to Fight Mass Incarceration

Its decision to divest from for-profit prisons could inspire others.

This Man Has Been Freed After Spending 43 Years in Solitary Confinement

This is not something that should happen in America.


The Kingpin of the Silk Road Was Just Sentenced to Life in Prison

Ross Ulbricht was in tears as he gave his final statement.

San Francisco Prison Allegedly Forced Inmates into Gladiatorial Games for Their Amusement

Another example of a U.S. prison system gone to hell.

A U.N. Report Accuses the U.S. of Torturing Juvenile Criminals. It's Right.

To put a 13-year-old in jail for life, regardless of the crime, is to destroy a life slowly and brutally.

The Death Penalty Is Officially Over in Maryland

The state's death row is now empty.

If You Need That Proof America's Prison System Is Broken, Just Look to Mississippi

Nearly a million dollars in bribes — to one man.

One U.S. State Locks Up More People Per Capita Than China and Russia Combined

A sign of just how bad the U.S.'s prison system has become.

California Just Ended One of America's Most Despiciable Prison Practices

This ends a dark period in California's past.